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King of the Hill 4on4 Cup powered by n1ping Tree

Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Quarter Final Semi-Final Final 
Germany Ze Ferkelz0            
Spain Tengo 3 piscinas1Spain Tengo 3 piscinas1          
European YEY INFERNAL!0Netherlands Tweaking Of The Hill0          
Netherlands Tweaking Of The Hill1  Spain Tengo 3 piscinas1        
International What's in the boX?1  Latvia [BMP] KotH0        
Hungary UnderDoGs0International What's in the boX?0          
Sweden Unaimed20Latvia [BMP] KotH1          
Latvia [BMP] KotH1    Spain Tengo 3 piscinas1      
Estonia Scenic Koth0    European Lethargy0      
European Lethargy1European Lethargy1          
European Fabulous1European Fabulous0          
European Monkey Gamers0  European Lethargy1        
European Scandinavian Acid Machine0  Germany eyecandy!0        
International Suitcase Nuke1International Suitcase Nuke0          
Bulgaria Team Voodoo Heads0Germany eyecandy!1          
Germany eyecandy!1      Spain Tengo 3 piscinas0    
Russia Xen_team1      Germany TFPortal summiteer1    
European THE Best Hair In TF20Russia Xen_team1          
Spain TeamLoDomo0Germany PowerRAGER0          
Germany PowerRAGER1  Russia Xen_team1        
European VYE1  European VYE0        
International JOLT!0European VYE1          
Germany Good Time Party Squad 1Germany Good Time Party Squad 0          
Norway Holy Mace-Wielding Minotaur Kings0    Russia Xen_team0      
European Weed Smokers0    Germany TFPortal summiteer1      
Russia four random guys1Russia four random guys0          
Germany TFPortal summiteer1Germany TFPortal summiteer1          
Croatia Guru Gaming0  Germany TFPortal summiteer1        
Lithuania weare311  Lithuania weare310        
Russia LaMoSi0Lithuania weare311          
European Vampire Robots from the Outer Space0Germany Explicit Kings0          
Germany Explicit Kings1        Germany TFPortal summiteer1  
Sweden Mini-Eat Them All0        Portugal Esbrugamos0  
European X-Squad1European X-Squad0          
International Losing Victoriously0Poland STERowniki1          
Poland STERowniki1  Poland STERowniki1        
International Kings of Vertex1  International Kings of Vertex0        
Finland Erotic Elephants0International Kings of Vertex1          
Finland Healbeam1Finland Healbeam0          
Italy WTF? I see dragons!0    Poland STERowniki0      
Israel Insertcoin0    Portugal Esbrugamos1      
Portugal Esbrugamos1Portugal Esbrugamos1          
Poland Headcrab.pl0European Fat Kids are Harder to Kidnap0          
European Fat Kids are Harder to Kidnap1  Portugal Esbrugamos1        
Finland No Hope (KotH)0  Austria Die Homofoerster0        
Austria Die Homofoerster1Austria Die Homofoerster1          
European Hampshire Heavies 3rd team (koth)0Finland dickenthrope0          
Finland dickenthrope1      Portugal Esbrugamos1    
Germany Pokemon1      Finland Putkenhalkaisija0    
Russia WOOOOSH~0Germany Pokemon1          
International William wallace vs 6 year olds 1International William wallace vs 6 year olds 0          
European Team Medic!0  Germany Pokemon0        
European HolyKoth !0  Finland Putkenhalkaisija1        
Finland Putkenhalkaisija1Finland Putkenhalkaisija1          
Finland Piggy Bankers1Finland Piggy Bankers0          
Hungary Team unkown0    Finland Putkenhalkaisija1      
Russia <3 bilyashi0    Russia Decadence0      
Latvia Profesors1Latvia Profesors0          
Russia magic_blomdofrajic0Russia Decadence1          
Russia Decadence1  Russia Decadence1        
Spain Mmphpry!1  Spain Mmphpry!0        
European Public Legends0Spain Mmphpry!1          
Israel HmtrHreH`s0Ukraine Lalala3 pRoTeAm0          
Ukraine Lalala3 pRoTeAm1          Germany TFPortal summiteer1
International BERSERKERS!1          Germany Game Control 2
Finland Super Gut0International BERSERKERS!1          
Germany Arcatera-Gaming KotH0Germany veAre.HAIL TO THE MOUNTAIN QUEEN0          
Germany veAre.HAIL TO THE MOUNTAIN QUEEN1  International BERSERKERS!1        
Russia Alpha Squad KotH0  Sweden Standarta0        
Germany ScArYsUcKeR.eSports TF21Germany ScArYsUcKeR.eSports TF20          
Portugal ARA koth0Sweden Standarta1          
Sweden Standarta1    International BERSERKERS!1      
Russia Combat-Folk0    Portugal d9Gaming GOES KOTH0      
Portugal d9Gaming GOES KOTH1Portugal d9Gaming GOES KOTH1          
International AHURHURHURHUR0Ireland DAMN YOU YOYOTECH!0          
Ireland DAMN YOU YOYOTECH!1  Portugal d9Gaming GOES KOTH1        
Germany Auto Aggressive Aiming [KOTH]1  Latvia African Polejumpers 0        
European Clan Crazy II0Germany Auto Aggressive Aiming [KOTH]0          
Latvia African Polejumpers 1Latvia African Polejumpers 1          
International After Dark 6v60      International BERSERKERS!0    
Russia Crucial KOTH1      Germany Game Control 1    
International i cant be bothered making a team name0Russia Crucial KOTH0          
Germany Game Control 1Germany Game Control 1          
European nicey-tf2.0  Germany Game Control 1        
Hungary Failed Soldier\'s of ToSz1  European FinGers0        
European Precursors of Death0Hungary Failed Soldier\'s of ToSz0          
European FinGers1European FinGers1          
Russia Prestigio Koth0    Germany Game Control 1      
Russia Beavers Go-Go0    Russia Russians h4x0rz0      
Spain Team LoDoma1Spain Team LoDoma0          
Hungary Cool guys0Russia Russians h4x0rz1          
Russia Russians h4x0rz1  Russia Russians h4x0rz1        
European Click It Down1  European Click It Down0        
Turkey ownageSALIM0European Click It Down1          
International Mutually Assured Destruction0European Team Milupa0          
European Team Milupa1        Germany Game Control 1  
European 21Grams KotH1        Finland blight0  
Austria What's on the Bus (boX?)0European 21Grams KotH1          
Latvia Casus Belli KOTH1Latvia Casus Belli KOTH0          
Germany officer is a nup0  European 21Grams KotH0        
Finland 4 Honsters1  Finland 4 Honsters1        
Germany Maggots! 4v40Finland 4 Honsters1          
Sweden Triple D0Germany logiX e.V. TF2 KotH0          
Germany logiX e.V. TF2 KotH1    Finland 4 Honsters1      
Finland Error Gaming0    England 9 Men0      
France PYJENFORCE1France PYJENFORCE1          
European Fair Game0Finland The MIPC KoTH0          
Finland The MIPC KoTH1  France PYJENFORCE0        
Spain Amidoinitrite?0  England 9 Men1        
International Mendigo Gigante1International Mendigo Gigante0          
England 9 Men1England 9 Men1          
Ukraine Shadows of Timati0      Finland 4 Honsters0    
Sweden eslime Gaming0      Finland blight1    
France Victa Gallia1France Victa Gallia1          
Sweden Gurka*1Sweden Gurka*0          
International inab1ckle~ esports0  France Victa Gallia1        
Hungary Got2Burn0  England Cable internet Clan0        
Hungary Cheeeese1Hungary Cheeeese0          
Russia Cryoemia0England Cable internet Clan1          
England Cable internet Clan1    France Victa Gallia0      
Germany Band of Lovers0    Finland blight1      
Sweden Grand theft intel*1Sweden Grand theft intel*1          
International Crack Clan 21International Crack Clan 20          
European Clan Crazy0  Sweden Grand theft intel*0        
Lithuania Vapse0  Finland blight1        
Finland blight1Finland blight1          
Sweden Arla Gaming0Russia D1ego$ bitchez0          
Russia D1ego$ bitchez1