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Season 6 powered by SteelSeries Xai: Awards

Division 1

1st European Relic

2nd Finland Team Dignitas

3rd Finland Interrobang

Division 2a

1st Germany Marco FTW

2nd European bE

3rd Russia Carpe Diem

Division 2b

1st European Team Fruit

2nd Russia Team Empire

3rd International Dead Cows Strike Back

Division 3a

1st International Monster Munch

2nd European 21 Grams

3rd Austria plan-B

Division 3b

1st European The Devils Rejects

2nd Spain Nobody's fault but mine

3rd European Team eMpathy

Division 3c

1st European HolyShit!

2nd France Nine Team

3rd Canada teh team

Division 3d

1st Finland breeze

2nd Sweden Northwave

3rd European Karnage eSports

Division 4a

1st European CZech tactiX TF2 Delta

2nd Russia HoverCrabs

3rd Germany it's a farm!

Division 4b

1st International internecine

2nd European Fragmative

3rd Finland Piggy Bankers

Division 4c

1st Ukraine weareshit?

2nd European International Special Force

3rd Russia chaotic community | silver

Division 4d

1st Denmark Clones-Inc

2nd Germany | oldschool

3rd Hungary Public Enemies

Division 4e

1st Finland Catching Bullets

2nd Lithuania team31

3rd Ukraine Team KORE

Division 4f

1st Germany

2nd European <3 Pendulum

3rd European INACTIVITYpower HEYO

Division 5a

1st Russia cfg

2nd Russia Aqeze

3rd European X-Squad

Division 5b

1st Germany ze Dummkopfs

2nd European Knifeback Mountaineers

3rd Norway Team Effort

Division 5c

1st France Caward [RIP]

2nd Germany Lemmings

3rd Latvia Casus Belli

Division 5d

1st Russia Death Adder

2nd France XCalibur

3rd Finland Clan Troopers

Division 5e

1st European Team IceWind

2nd Russia Twisted

3rd European eXhale Powered by

Division 5f

1st Germany Friede seiner Asche

2nd Russia Only Rockets Love You

3rd International Team epx^

Division 5g

1st Ukraine The Salo is a Lie

2nd International .22

3rd Netherlands Total Resistance

Division 5h

1st European 81 TeaM

2nd European PsychoShock

3rd Finland Erotic Elephants

Division 5i

1st International Special Air Service Rainbow

2nd European Crink.The Man

3rd European Ecliptic Gaming

Division 5j

1st European Monkey-Gamers

2nd Italy TEC Gaming

3rd Sweden To Be Announced

Division 6a

1st Croatia Guru Gaming


3rd Germany Full Aim Control

Division 6b

1st International What's in the boX?

2nd Hungary üBearz

3rd Sweden Reefer decree

Division 6c

1st France iNov8

2nd Hungary Redstars

3rd Latvia meet The

Division 6d

1st Sweden klan:fader

2nd Portugal ARA TEAM

3rd European Northern Dawn Heroes

Division 6e

1st International The Last Resort

2nd Finland foldbitten

3rd European Hynix eSports

Division 6f

1st Israel Division Of Justice

2nd Germany Triple A

3rd Italy Team Extreme

Division 6g

1st Azerbaijan Dont Shoot the Medic

2nd Netherlands Insane Dutch Killers

3rd European Click It Down

Division 6h

1st Germany Time 4 Fisting

2nd Bulgaria The Bulgarists

3rd Sweden Unaimed II

Division 6i

1st European Fenneks eSports

2nd Italy Destruction Brothers

3rd European executive order

Division 6j

1st Russia Team Slayers

2nd Ukraine Lonely Team

3rd Slovakia predikšn ejm