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Season 22 powered by Open Playoffs Tree

Round 1  Quarter Final  Semi-Final  Final  
Finland Anime Is Bad eSports6          
Seychelles Whatever bro0 Finland Anime Is Bad eSports6       
Hungary RIP DANI5 Hungary RIP DANI0       
France north korean space program1    Finland Anime Is Bad eSports6    
Wales such a cool wasp0    Russia 1JaD0    
UnitedKingdom The TurboTabs Fan Club6 UnitedKingdom The TurboTabs Fan Club0       
Russia 5-0 Blessings3 Russia 1JaD6       
Russia 1JaD6       Finland Anime Is Bad eSports6 
European mad decent6       European mad decent0 
England Spiral eSports0 European mad decent6       
European Pandamonium6 European Pandamonium0       
European Last Stand0    European mad decent6    
UnitedStates MVP6    UnitedStates MVP0    
Japan Cute Nekos0 UnitedStates MVP5       
Russia Aspiration0 UnitedKingdom revive4       
UnitedKingdom revive6