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ETF2L 2nd Cup Tree

Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Quarter Final Semi-Final Final 
European Relic2          
Norway Quack Attack0European Relic2        
Germany Friede seiner Asche2Germany Friede seiner Asche0        
International fluffy diced0  European Relic2      
European Animate2  European Animate0      
Belgium Beteam0European Animate2        
Belgium The Legendary RastaClan2Belgium The Legendary RastaClan0        
Germany The Firefuckerz0    European Relic2    
International Team CoolerMaster2    International Team CoolerMaster0    
International WANG DUO0International Team CoolerMaster2        
Poland total llamas2Poland total llamas1        
Germany The Hans Moleman Connection0  International Team CoolerMaster2      
Russia LOL Team remix2  Germany aX-eSport.GamerArea0      
International HeadStompers0Russia LOL Team remix1        
Germany aX-eSport.GamerArea2Germany aX-eSport.GamerArea2        
France Leviktimes0      European Relic2  
Finland sigh62      Finland sigh60  
Austria Robert Hartlauer Syndikat0Finland sigh60        
Finland Neatmeat2Finland Neatmeat0        
Ukraine Sentence to Death0  Finland sigh62      
Finland Prima Nocta2  France Team wL1      
Germany vier // red0Finland Prima Nocta0        
France Team wL2France Team wL2        
England 9 Men1    Finland sigh62    
Finland Clan Troopers2    Sweden Excello0    
European Drunk Dragons0Finland Clan Troopers2        
Germany simply iQ2Germany simply iQ0        
International Purveyors of Justice1  Finland Clan Troopers0      
Russia Team Empire2  Sweden Excello2      
Spain back to Resupply0Russia Team Empire0        
Sweden Excello2Sweden Excello2        
Germany Keine halben Sachen0        European Relic2
Sweden Excello2        European Fracture0
Denmark #clan-us0Sweden Excello2        
International Team Panache2International Team Panache0        
Italy jesus stole my bike0  Sweden Excello2      
International Special Air Service0  European extenSia!1      
UnitedKingdom clanda1UnitedKingdom clanda0        
European extenSia!2European extenSia!2        
Portugal Team haZard0    Sweden Excello2    
Germany it's a farm!2    Finland Clan United1    
European Totalitarian Brigade0Germany it's a farm!2        
Germany IsF2Germany IsF0        
Belgium Long Range Recce Patrol1  Germany it's a farm!0      
Sweden jAgarna2  Finland Clan United2      
Italy GladiatoReS.QuaD0Sweden jAgarna0        
Finland Clan United2Finland Clan United2        
CzechRepublic Cavaliers RED0      Sweden Excello0  
European Fracture2      European Fracture2  
International Team Vertex - Retired Edition0European Fracture2        
Germany r@ts[honorary]2Germany r@ts[honorary]0        
France Clan Des Damnes0  European Fracture2      
Germany n2o-gaming.TF22  Germany n2o-gaming.TF20      
Finland Solo Fortress0Germany n2o-gaming.TF22        
International ClanONE2International ClanONE0        
Russia Team Overkill0    European Fracture2    
Germany SHIFTplay2    International Monster Munch0    
Sweden klan:adjektiv0Germany SHIFTplay2        
European Epsilon eSports2European Epsilon eSports0        
Sweden hb0da0  Germany SHIFTplay0      
Germany $myT1nk2  International Monster Munch2      
Spain Dimegioclub0Germany $myT1nk0        
Luxembourg MTF.Gaming0International Monster Munch2        
International Monster Munch2