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Highlander Cup #2 Tree

Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Quarter Final Semi-Final Final 
Finland Jari Litmanen2          
European GM Highlander0Finland Jari Litmanen2        
Latvia Power Puff Boys HIGHLANDER0Poland Przeciwnicy oponentow0        
Poland Przeciwnicy oponentow2  Finland Jari Litmanen2      
Spain 9 mancos2  Spain 9 mancos0      
Germany #false.flag0Spain 9 mancos2        
Russia Pubbers Play Highlander1International GAMe90        
International GAMe92    Finland Jari Litmanen2    
England 9 Men2    European Paracocci1    
Hungary Octoberfest in Europe1England 9 Men2        
Germany Ansammlung Laestiger Krieger Highlander0France PBP-Highlander0        
France PBP-Highlander2  England 9 Men0      
European Grow uP Gaming2  European Paracocci2      
Sweden Gurka*0European Grow uP Gaming1        
Finland Piggy Pressure1European Paracocci2        
European Paracocci2      Finland Jari Litmanen2  
Russia Red Terror2      Netherlands FakkelBrigade0  
France RainBow WarrioRs0Russia Red Terror2        
Germany Racoon - Highlander0Austria Robert Highlander Syndikat0        
Austria Robert Highlander Syndikat2  Russia Red Terror2      
Belarus Rm? //0  Sweden s!0      
Germany Keine halben Sachen - Highlander2Germany Keine halben Sachen - Highlander0        
Russia Sandwich Stealers0Sweden s!2        
Sweden s!2    Russia Red Terror0    
Germany ScArYsUcKeR.High0    Netherlands FakkelBrigade2    
European SpecialAttack Highlander2European SpecialAttack Highlander2        
International Special Air Service0Spain Sex, Drink and Shooters0        
Spain Sex, Drink and Shooters2  European SpecialAttack Highlander0      
Finland GxG Highlander0  Netherlands FakkelBrigade2      
France BecPinou2France BecPinou0        
Germany Special Erdnuckel Soldiers0Netherlands FakkelBrigade2        
Netherlands FakkelBrigade2        Finland Jari Litmanen2
European Hey that's!2        European Hey that's!0
Turkey Hard Cores0European Hey that's!2        
Russia Highlander DF2Russia Highlander DF0        
European Phoenix Community0  European Hey that's!2      
Portugal The Conquers Highlander0  Finland cvx0      
Hungary Argo [Highlander]2Hungary Argo [Highlander]0        
International clanda0Finland cvx2        
Finland cvx2    European Hey that's!2    
European The batters0    Germany C.S.L and Friends Highlander0    
Germany C.S.L and Friends Highlander2Germany C.S.L and Friends Highlander2        
Russia Naughty boys2Russia Naughty boys1        
UnitedStates YUROP EXTRIM0  Germany C.S.L and Friends Highlander2      
France R-Knights2  France R-Knights1      
Germany TLK Highlander Destruction0France R-Knights2        
Poland Wenglojady0International Why Must I Cry?0        
International Why Must I Cry?2      European Hey that's!2  
France Team France Highlander2      Russia LOL Team highlander0  
European HoT.love0France Team France Highlander2        
Luxembourg MTF.Gaming2Luxembourg MTF.Gaming0        
European The nine chosen0  France Team France Highlander0      
Russia LOL Team highlander2  Russia LOL Team highlander2      
Finland Troopers Mix0Russia LOL Team highlander2        
Norway Kvakkistansen1Germany veAre0        
Germany veAre2    Russia LOL Team highlander2    
Germany HIGHLANDER2    Germany Game Control Highlander0    
Russia Cryoemia1Germany HIGHLANDER1        
Germany Game Control Highlander2Germany Game Control Highlander2        
Germany n2o goes Highlander #21  Germany Game Control Highlander2      
Germany Explicit-Content!2  Finland Second to Last HL1      
Spain Freedom Fighters 0Germany Explicit-Content!0        
CzechRepublic CZech tactiX Highlander team0Finland Second to Last HL2        
Finland Second to Last HL2