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Season 16 powered by BlackOut Gaming: Awards

Premiership Division

1st European Epsilon eSports

2nd European flamingo gaming esports club

3rd European TCM Gaming

Division 1

1st Denmark LEGO

2nd Finland The MIPC Organization

3rd European Fenneks eSports by [season 18

Division 2A

1st Russia We dont care...

2nd Italy Hard Gaming

3rd Finland Poorly Raised

Division 2B

1st Japan Auto Anime

2nd European AUTOBOTS

3rd Norway Rip the #dream

Division 3A

1st European STRIP


3rd Morocco SUPER CREW

Division 3B

1st Denmark Sugoi as PuzZle! Fanboys

2nd France RELAPSE!

3rd Zimbabwe Hello Kitteh Ninjas!

Division 3C

1st European Team Freedom

2nd European International Special Force

3rd CzechRepublic Pozor!

Division 3D

1st Germany who is?

2nd Poland Bring the Funk

3rd France Salty Frogs

Division 4A

1st International killSwitch

2nd European UCAP eSports

3rd European addict! eSports

Division 4B

1st European Moss Pigs

2nd Portugal Kaneco eSports

3rd France Blah! Blah!

Division 4C

1st Belgium Nightmare

2nd European Team Awesome!

3rd European Addict e-Sports // Turquoise

Division 4D

1st Hungary RIP DANI

2nd Japan FSALBOYS

3rd International Team Slayers

Division 4E

1st Russia Gra4i

2nd Finland SNSD eSports ATK-Gaming

3rd European Get This Done

Division 4F

1st CzechRepublic Ohnive Prdele

2nd Romania Popescu Esports powered by Razer & Intel

3rd Wales The Enigma Zone Crew

Division 5A

1st Lithuania TEZC | 403 edition

2nd Ukraine Per aspera ad astra

3rd Latvia Gutta

Division 5B

1st European itsallgood [6v6]

2nd France HOSTILE Gaming

3rd European Tundra Dudes

Division 5C

1st France Baguette! Sponsored by Promethium Gaming

2nd European Team Colonslash: Potat

3rd Sweden Professional Disney Fangirls

Division 5D

1st Poland polaczky4fun

2nd Russia CrossColor

3rd Hungary Forgotten 2013

Division 5E

1st UnitedStates 2puck

2nd European Foxing Around

3rd France Identity Theft

Division 5F

1st European Quality Control.

2nd Iceland real thugz

3rd Germany Dichten Fichten

Division 5G

1st Russia Odin progib i ty pogib

2nd Russia absolute!

3rd Russia Harmful Hamsters

Division 5H

1st Jamaica eaglegang

2nd European Colour Show

3rd European Butt-stallions

Division 5I

1st European Player Haters of the Year

2nd European das beer boot inc esports gaming

3rd European Let's play eSports

Division 5J

1st Seychelles is house esports

2nd Croatia Guru Jet-Black

3rd European Windtunnel Tactics

Division 6A

1st Russia

2nd Turkey Spidermans

3rd Russia FUagra

3rd European kritzsquad

Division 6B

1st CzechRepublic TEZC | Pornflakes

2nd Russia Red Bears

3rd Russia Sneaky

Division 6C

1st Poland Praska Mafia

2nd International Zondag Zoldiers

3rd European The Nebulae | Sindi Edition

Division 6D

1st European Яushers

2nd Germany Explicit-Content!

3rd Poland AV AV AVARIA

Division 6E

1st European Synergy Gaming

2nd Spain Spanish Drama

3rd European

Division 6F

1st International Symbol of the Fatherland's Unification

2nd International Asterisky Plays

3rd European Cap Points

Division 6G

1st European Cool Cats: Green Garlic

2nd CzechRepublic DuckTales

3rd Russia 387

Division 6H

1st Germany Polygon Pirates

2nd European Mental Stability

3rd European Powse before hoes

Division 6I

1st International The Phlog Noobs

2nd Portugal Os Derradeiros

3rd European the D:

Division 6J

1st Japan

2nd France Exec

3rd Norway RIP Koseklubben

Division 6K

1st International Poo Tier Gaming eSports

2nd Scotland Continuity

3rd Croatia The Unusual Suspects

Division 6L

1st Finland Six Burgeroids

2nd Japan Onee-Chan sponsored by Kawaii E-Sports

3rd Sweden Team IKEA

Division 6M

1st Slovenia Legende

2nd Sweden Keso gaming

3rd International CoCo

Division 6N

1st Hungary Namelesses

1st European [T-A!] Div Shesh

3rd Estonia Good Enough: Jakiro

Division 6O

1st European Pandemonium

1st Poland No more tf2

3rd UnitedKingdom nervousENERGY Density