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Team Colonslash Cup #1 LOW Tree

Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Quarter Final Semi-Final Final 
Spain Elevate Team0          
Germany Full Aim Control3Germany Full Aim Control3        
European Windtunnel Tactics3European Windtunnel Tactics0        
England Educated Animals0  Germany Full Aim Control0      
Hungary T-A: 6lives3  Poland Bring the Funk3      
International Blitzsturm0Hungary T-A: 6lives0        
Russia Xterra0Poland Bring the Funk3        
Poland Bring the Funk3    Poland Bring the Funk3    
Iceland real thugz0    Argentina euroslayers0    
International lost paradise3International lost paradise0        
International TEZC | Multiple Orgasms3International TEZC | Multiple Orgasms3        
European Marmaduke Surfaceblow0  International TEZC | Multiple Orgasms0      
Spain Not Neutral3  Argentina euroslayers3      
Italy EverAfter0Spain Not Neutral0        
European No Stress?0Argentina euroslayers3        
Argentina euroslayers3      Poland Bring the Funk3  
International No eye deer0      European BigBluntGaming0  
Uganda pepsilol esports3Uganda pepsilol esports1        
European Ministry of BS3European Ministry of BS2        
European Erdnuckels0  European Ministry of BS2      
Romania Spire eSports by Ghostface0  European Cake Clan1      
European Moss Pigs3European Moss Pigs0        
Poland Skarbonka0European Cake Clan3        
European Cake Clan3    European Ministry of BS0    
      European BigBluntGaming3    
European Crystalmeth ClanEuropean Crystalmeth Clan0        
European Chillout Gaming3European Chillout Gaming3        
European Blastin' For Fun0  European Chillout Gaming0      
Denmark Skrald eSports3  European BigBluntGaming3      
France Blah! Blah!0Denmark Skrald eSports0        
Finland SNSD eSports ATK-Gaming0European BigBluntGaming3        
European BigBluntGaming3        Poland Bring the Funk3
International Throw the Least0        European The Manissons0
Netherlands Doesn't matter3Netherlands Doesn't matter0        
European The Manissons3European The Manissons3        
Jamaica Autistic Justice Chums0  European The Manissons3      
France Tarean Team0  European PIZZA AND JUICE0      
European PIZZA AND JUICE3European PIZZA AND JUICE         
     European The Manissons3    
European Team Awesome!     European Team Awesome!0    
 European Team Awesome!3        
Finland Corgi Clan Finland Corgi Clan0        
   European Team Awesome!3      
European Team Default Win   Germany Friendly Friends0      
 European Team Default Win0        
Germany Friendly Friends Germany Friendly Friends3        
       European The Manissons3  
European Lethal-Zone Stroopwafels       Finland K5 eSports0  
 European Lethal-Zone Stroopwafels0        
Russia Limit Gaming Russia Limit Gaming3        
   Russia Limit Gaming0      
Ukraine Manchester United   Finland K5 eSports3      
 Ukraine Manchester United0        
Finland K5 eSports3Finland K5 eSports3        
International Blunt Villagers0    Finland K5 eSports3    
European Foxing Around3    European Get This Done0    
Bulgaria fgt0European Foxing Around3        
European Jumpers Incorporated3European Jumpers Incorporated0        
Austria Erdnuckels 2 Black0  European Foxing Around0      
Sweden Good Enough0  European Get This Done3      
European Get This Done3European Get This Done3        
Finland Frigid Zone0Norway RIP Koseklubben0        
Norway RIP Koseklubben3