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Season 4: Awards

Division 1

1st European Relic

2nd Finland Interrobang

3rd European Weapons Of The Rebellion

Division 2a

1st European coolclan

2nd Netherlands FakkelBrigade

3rd European eL Diablo's Brigade

Division 2b

1st European Nervous.tf2

2nd Germany SHIFTplay

3rd Sweden jAgarna

Division 3a

1st Germany P3T3R

2nd Israel K1ck eSports

3rd Germany $myT1nk

Division 3b

1st Russia Carpe Diem

2nd Russia Euphoria

3rd Finland Virtual Troopers

Division 3c

1st European Team Fruit

2nd UnitedStates Game Control

3rd European Totalitarian Brigade

Division 3d

1st European The Hampshire Heavies

2nd European Precursors of Death

3rd European FuSle

Division 4a

1st European fingerprint

2nd Spain failure as Gamers

3rd France *B@D*

Division 4b

1st European Fabulous

2nd Germany

3rd Russia Rupture

Division 4c

1st Portugal The Conquers

2nd Germany Maggots!

3rd Canada teh team

Division 4d

1st Finland cvx

2nd Russia Team Renovation

3rd Germany Trick17

Division 4e

1st Israel Insanity!

2nd Norway Pul Kai

3rd CzechRepublic DEFEATERS

Division 4f

1st European FakkelBrigade 2

2nd Russia Yummy Elite Sausages2

3rd CzechRepublic Ethanol Monkeys

Division 5a

1st Italy Impact

2nd Russia 40 degrees

3rd International Suitcase Nuke

Division 5b

1st Sweden TEAM SdX'08

2nd Spain Freedom Fighters

3rd Russia Noreaction

Division 5c

1st Germany veAre.silver

2nd Russia loveninjas

3rd European CZech tactiX TF2 Delta

Division 5d

1st Russia Loveninjas

2nd European Inactive

3rd Norway Red Brigade

Division 5e

1st CzechRepublic Team Defiance

2nd Germany Special Marine Soldiers

3rd Russia Time For Blood

Division 5f

1st European The Hampshire Heavies 2nd Team

2nd Poland STER-Gaming

3rd International Voices Of Independence

Division 6a

1st Russia Guristas

2nd European EYES ON U

3rd Spain Presence

Division 6b

1st Germany vier // red

2nd European Monkey-Gamers

3rd France Lapinou Team

Division 6c

1st Russia Element

2nd European Original Team

3rd Portugal Fragmasters

Division 6d

1st International obsession gaming

2nd Sweden Sextant

3rd Finland Team Maniac

Division 6e

1st Russia hypercube

2nd Hungary Rogues in TF2

3rd Germany Team-Xplosion

Division 6f

1st Hungary Argo

2nd Spain knock0ut

3rd France ptt.