Dear teams and players, thank you for participating in the ETF2L 6v6 Season 47 (Spring 2024). We would appreciate if you could take your time to go through this little feedback form.


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Season 2: Awards

2nd Spain back to Resupply

Division 1

1st European Relic

2nd Sweden Excello

3rd Finland Clan United

Division 2a

1st Germany it's a farm!

2nd European extenSia!

3rd European TCM-Gaming [old]

Division 2b

1st Finland K1ck eSports [old]

2nd Germany TFPortal.de | oldschool

3rd France Team wL

Division 3a

1st Russia Team Overkill

2nd Poland Panacea

3rd European Epsilon eSports

Division 3b

1st International Dead Cows Strike Back

2nd Germany skwean!

3rd Germany veAre.black

Division 3c

1st Sweden Northwave

2nd Germany n2o-gaming.TF2

3rd Belgium The Legendary RastaClan

Division 4a

1st European Totalitarian Brigade

2nd Spain Dimegioclub

3rd International Special Air Service

Division 4b

1st Latvia FOG

3rd Germany Gods of Egypt

Division 4c

1st European eL Diablo's Brigade

2nd Sweden 961

3rd Russia Immortals

Division 5a

1st France Origine-Gaming

2nd Germany IsF

3rd Spain Republica Independiete del Flori

Division 5b

1st Russia CityNov

2nd UnitedStates Game Control

3rd European unbindAll

Division 5c

1st Russia Team Tribunal

2nd Luxembourg MTF.Gaming

3rd Poland total llamas Bravo