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Vaccinator Cup - High Bracket Tree

Round 1 Quarter Final Semi-Final Final 
Russia Unstoppable0      
European poob team 3European poob team 0    
European Does this smell like chloroform to you?0Russia Barmatuhi3    
Russia Barmatuhi3  Russia Barmatuhi0  
Russia Big Black Brothers0  European rib3  
European rib3European rib3    
European The Manissons0International NHS0    
International NHS3    European rib1
Portugal MASTERMINDS0    Netherlands Insane Dutch Killers2
Israel iveR3Israel iveR3    
European Jävla skit lag0Finland HELP HELPERS0    
Finland HELP HELPERS3  Israel iveR0  
Turkey ceday0  Netherlands Insane Dutch Killers3  
European Haze eSports3European Haze eSports0    
Russia Crowned0Netherlands Insane Dutch Killers3    
Netherlands Insane Dutch Killers3