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Highlander Season 3: Awards

1st European Mr. Wong's Fair Spirits

Premier Division

1st SouthKorea SNSD

2nd European Parrot Gapers

3rd European May Contain Nuts

Division 1


2nd Russia Ki11ERS.PRO

3rd European #SDW

Division 2A

1st UnitedStates Unbelievably Brave Sweethearts

2nd European KritzKast: Distinguished Ducks

3rd Finland hePPa

Division 2B

1st European Kill Switch

2nd UnitedStates Reborn

3rd Germany Commander Gay and his buttbuddies

Division 3A

2nd European 9 Fishies

3rd France Osmoz'

Division 3B

1st European Easy Going

2nd European Wolves of Anatolia

3rd European Sexy Internet Redheads

3rd European We Want Fun

Division 4A

1st Lithuania DIG Deep

2nd European The Owl Exterminators

3rd UnitedStates D9

Division 4B

1st Germany LAME Highlander

2nd Sweden Drunken Unlockfags

3rd European Spawn Together

3rd Lithuania A komanda

Division 4C


2nd UnitedStates teamZooka

3rd European Aslak and the Technovikings

Division 4D


2nd Germany CWCLAN-Community

3rd European It's All About The Gibus

Division 4E

1st Russia Partyvan

2nd Poland Max-Play Highlander Team #2

3rd European Team-Awesome!

Division 5A

1st Poland Padre Kamil

2nd Russia WASP

3rd Finland Highlander tiimi

Division 5B

1st European Tim!

2nd Russia Critoveds

3rd Turkey Deathline HL

Division 5C

1st Portugal The Amazing 4

2nd European Putismagic

3rd European Keep Calm and Listen to Lefty

Division 5D

1st Latvia Donde esta la biblioteca?

2nd International Facepunch UK

3rd European Mild-Mannered Manatees

Division 5E

1st Spain distingLander (once again)

2nd Poland House Full of Funk

3rd UnitedStates Clan McCart

Division 5F

1st Poland SkillPoint HL

2nd Ukraine YaYa eSports

3rd Lithuania Lascari

Division 6A

1st BosniaHerzegovina Team Team Mate

2nd Spain 72

3rd European Team Colonslash: Crash

Division 6B

1st European Highnine

2nd Sweden Robots in Disguise

3rd England Im back mo fos

Division 6C

1st Brazil Just do it

2nd European Professional Procrastinators

3rd Germany CWCLAN Highlander

Division 6D

1st European Original Gangsters

2nd Romania Rambase.ro Community Team

3rd Italy Drunken Team o' Morrons

Division 6E

1st International OverCharge

2nd Hungary Crusaders

3rd Bulgaria Mad Men

Division 6F

1st European Team-Awesome! #2

2nd Germany Dead Man Sells HL

3rd Poland Fake Gamers

Division 6G

1st Finland Hynskin HC Rune Kilta

2nd Poland jadOM Świnie

3rd European rub!X Highlander Team by Lethal-Zone.eu

Division 6H

1st European Crutched Potatoes

2nd European Viscous and Delicious

3rd European Regen Community Highlander

Division 6I

1st Turkey seferoğulları

2nd European Hat-Based Life Forms

3rd European AlmightyVikings

Division 6J

1st European The eXtincts

2nd European Team Team

3rd European Killer Sandviches

Division 6K

1st UnitedStates Evil Beastly Minions

2nd UnitedStates Tiny Baby Men

3rd UnitedStates Chat 2