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Season 13 powered by Tt eSPORTS: Awards

Premier Division

1st European Epsilon eSports

2nd European Team Infused

3rd International All Tied Up

Division 1

1st European Pokeman

2nd European AVENUE eSports

3rd Russia Last Man Standing

3rd Finland Lutuset

Division 2A

1st European AUTOBOTS

2nd Netherlands Paroxysm

3rd France RELAPSE! Gaming

Division 2B

1st France PyRo|GEN

2nd Finland Batman

3rd Sweden nasty style

Division 2C

1st Spain Arx Imperators

2nd European Politically correct pander

3rd Finland The MIPC Taalasmaa Edition

Division 3A

1st Germany vier // blu R.I.P.

2nd France Gunslingers ♣

3rd France diSPlay Gaming

Division 3B

1st Ukraine Team Useless

2nd France Mistral.Tt

3rd UnitedKingdom clanda

Division 3C

1st Jamaica Sosi

2nd Netherlands Team Dynamic

3rd Russia eХe

Division 3D

1st Egypt Elite nile Gunners

2nd Italy eZ eSports

3rd European Perilous Gaming | International

Division 3E

1st European Insane Dynamite Monkeys

2nd England 9 Men

2nd France Boom Gayshot !

Division 4A

1st European addict! eSports

2nd Israel iveR

3rd Italy Windjammers

Division 4B

1st Sweden Saints

2nd Jamaica nervousENERGY Cosmic Latte

3rd Russia Domination

Division 4C

1st Croatia Guru Gaming

2nd France kronos storm e-sports

3rd European Velox

Division 4D

1st Russia Evil Empire Headquarters

2nd European Dawson's Creek

3rd European The Enigma Zone Crew 2

Division 4E

1st European Team Colonslash

2nd European Pretty Penny

3rd Finland HELP HELPERS

Division 4F

1st Russia Barmatuhi

2nd Estonia Les Miserabablebles

3rd Turkey Default Win e-Sports

Division 4G

1st Lithuania [OOC] Team

2nd Bulgaria DEWOW:: Reflex

3rd Seychelles Green Elephants.

Division 5A

1st Portugal MASTERMINDS

2nd Italy Next Gaming

3rd England 9 Men Lite

Division 5B

1st European Trolling Bunnies RED

2nd Spain Cereal Killers

3rd Hungary dont fck w1th Jesus

Division 5C

1st France NoChallenge

2nd Germany HerbsArmy

3rd European Team Colonslash: Penguins

Division 5D

1st European no name atm

2nd European 9 Whales

3rd France PBP Poney

Division 5E

1st Germany Time 4 Fisting

2nd Finland SNSD eSports ATK-Gaming

3rd European rib

Division 5F

1st European Erdnuckels

2nd Hungary Insane Dutch Killers - Diversion

3rd France Nolife

Division 5G

1st Italy Mou-Team

2nd International isaninja

3rd European LazerSharkCatBear

Division 5H

1st CzechRepublic Ohnive Prdele

2nd European Team Euphoria

3rd European For No Raisin!

Division 5I

1st European Brooklyn Zoo

2nd Russia We dont care...

3rd Russia Crowned

Division 5J

1st Lithuania Trolling Bunnies BLUE

2nd Russia Limit Gaming

3rd Russia War Crocodiles of Nigeria

Division 6A


2nd European Old Weak Nerds

3rd Jamaica Autistic Justice Chums

Division 6B

1st European Doctrinal

2nd France M&M's revolution

3rd Spain Eight Bit

Division 6C

1st Poland Bring the Funk

1st Spain Cipher

3rd Germany Team 4 Friends

Division 6D

1st European Vertical Intrusion

2nd European Get This Done

3rd CzechRepublic Source of Fame

Division 6E

1st European Gray Parlor

1st International killSwitch

3rd Sweden Prem or Hem

Division 6F

1st European Aslak and the Technovikings

2nd Germany premium

3rd Finland Horsb Reading

Division 6G

1st European BigBluntGaming

2nd European Team intens

3rd European I Need My Crutches

Division 6H

1st European LifeTimeClan

2nd Italy Quelli di Milano

3rd European APR Gaming

Division 6I

1st Portugal Reactive

2nd European Team Stinson

3rd Germany Incorporated

Division 6J

1st Finland Optimistic Pessimists

2nd Finland Team OS

3rd European Six Silly Somethings

Division 6K

1st Iceland real thugz

2nd Germany Friendly Friends

3rd International Playstuff

Division 6L

1st International nervousENERGY Super Pink

2nd Portugal Karn eSports

3rd International Ainsley Harriott e-Sports

Division 6M

1st Portugal Grow uP Gaming

2nd European No Clue

3rd Germany Herbs Army Second Squad

Division 6N

1st Turkey Maroon Team

1st Bulgaria fgt

1st Estonia Playmate

Division 6O

1st Russia CrossColor

2nd Russia NeOnyX Team

3rd Latvia Dedicated to cuties.

Division 6P

1st China Red Menace

2nd European Myata

3rd European Sad Men