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Highlander Season 2: Awards

Division 1

1st SouthKorea SNSD

2nd Spain 27

3rd European May Contain Nuts

Division 2A

1st Russia Ilita

2nd European le leglesslegolegolas xD

3rd International [<3]

Division 2B

1st European Parrot Gapers

2nd Finland Melkei Team OS


Division 3A

1st Finland Sisuprkl

2nd European Fritzl's Dungeon

3rd Hungary Winterfresh

Division 3B

1st Germany Trick17

2nd Russia Large Piece of Beef

3rd Croatia Guru training with Yoda

Division 3C

1st European vier ° Highlander

2nd UnitedStates Unbelievably Brave Sweethearts

3rd European Sandviches are Forever

Division 3D

1st European KritzKast: Distinguished Ducks

2nd European Don't Shoot the Spoonicorn

3rd European Bacon

Division 4A

1st European Vanilla Existence

2nd Ukraine RedϟBlack

2nd Russia Tomato Juice

Division 4B

1st Russia Sudden Aggression

2nd Poland Team Paradise

3rd Belarus Free Fire!

Division 4C

1st UnitedStates Here It Goes Again

2nd UnitedStates The Sandlot Kids

2nd Brazil BerSerKers Brasil

Division 4D

1st Germany Commander Gay and his buttbuddies

2nd European Buylander

3rd UnitedKingdom cLanda

Division 4E

1st European #SDW


3rd European Fenneks Highlander by

Division 4F

1st European We Want Fun

2nd Turkey haylander

3rd Russia 2rus1svetlana

Division 4G

1st European Easy Going

2nd Sweden Gibs'R'Us

3rd France Osmoz'

Division 4H

1st England 9 Men

2nd France Panda

3rd Finland Pirkkalan Pingviinit

Division 5A

1st Russia Orbit Fruittini

2nd Latvia sPectators

3rd Russia FREE 2 GAY

Division 5B

1st UnitedStates The Magnificent Nine

2nd UnitedStates r/treesfortress

3rd UnitedStates D9

Division 5C

1st Lithuania DIG Deep

2nd European see?

3rd Scotland William Wallaces team

Division 5D

1st Israel Division of Justice

2nd European 4ever

3rd Turkey Deathline HL

Division 5E

1st Poland Max-Play Highlander Team

2nd Germany CWCLAN-Community

3rd European Hampshire Heavies Highlander

Division 5F

1st Germany Pielander

2nd European Keep Calm and Listen to Lefty

3rd Finland TRG-Gaming

Division 5G

1st European Covenant of the Ark

2nd France Little Bastard Clan

3rd European Tunnel Vision

Division 5H

1st Lithuania A komanda

2nd European Clan Crazy

3rd European Evil VIPs

Division 5I

1st European The Owl Exterminators

2nd Spain distingLander (once again)

3rd International Überium

Division 5J

1st European Ghetto Blasters

2nd International Facepunch UK

3rd Finland Hatception

Division 6A

1st Russia Rampage

2nd Russia Anti-Skill Squad

2nd Russia Critoveds

Division 6B

1st Russia Partyvan

2nd Russia kokoko

2nd European Hat-Based Life Forms

Division 6C

1st Russia WASP

2nd European Fucking Awesome Generous Scums

3rd Lithuania PnG.Hl

Division 6D

1st European Derpalicious Mentalmen

2nd Poland Ok, dobra.

3rd Finland Ladies Love

Division 6E

1st European Aslak and the Technovikings

2nd Poland SkillPoint HL

3rd Poland KanarTeam

Division 6F

1st Finland Chillin' Wilds

2nd European Spawn Together

3rd Poland HL #2

Division 6G

1st International The Lo-Fi High-Five Team

2nd Portugal Iraocumata

3rd European Professional Procrastinators

Division 6H

1st European Wolves of Anatolia

2nd European RIP BlackOut Gaming

3rd Ukraine seriousname

Division 6I

1st Ukraine YaYa eSports

2nd European Already Average

2nd CzechRepublic TF2Crits Battle Squad

Division 6J

1st UnitedStates Tangification

2nd UnitedStates HOUSE OF /V/IRGINS BRO-OP

3rd UnitedStates Otakus and Generals of Tf2

Division 6K

1st UnitedStates Colgate and the Toothbrushes

2nd UnitedStates Southern Cross Gaming - Cosbynauts

3rd UnitedStates Call of Cthulhu

Division 6L

1st Brazil Renegade

2nd Canada Lacking Concentration

3rd UnitedStates Pony Fortress 2 Highlander

Division 6M

1st UnitedStates Team Mantrain

2nd UnitedStates Team Health Bonus

3rd UnitedStates sOOper friends

Division 6N

1st UnitedStates The Bone Zone

2nd International The Furry Pound

3rd UnitedStates TF2Hue

Division 6O

1st European Lazy Nutters

2nd Portugal Verdadeira Legiao Highlander

3rd International The Nigel Thornberry Experience

Division 6P

1st Norway itsallgood

2nd Germany Community-Team

3rd European JollyRanchers

Division 6Q

1st Germany Full Highlander Community

2nd European CompassionBlast

3rd Hungary Mystery And Danger

Division 6R

1st European XtraViaTioN

2nd Poland Glimpses of Mediocrity

3rd England Sandvich Lovers

Division 6S

1st International Gentlemen of Seizure

2nd European Kill Switch

3rd Denmark xoxo highlander