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Season 11: Awards

Premier Division

1st International Team Infused

2nd European Epsilon eSports

3rd European Team Infused

Division 1

1st Russia Last Man Standing

2nd Portugal eQuilibrium

3rd International smooth criminals

Division 2A

1st International The Last Resort

2nd Germany Trick17

3rd International Damage Control

Division 2B

1st Latvia CIDO

2nd Finland The MIPC Organization

3rd France

Division 2C

1st European Dr.Justice Ruined Years Of Hard Work

2nd France OutSiders

3rd European The Devils Rejects

Division 3A

1st France Mistral.Tt

2nd Ukraine Team Useless

3rd Finland Simon's Liver Casserole

Division 3B

1st Spain Arx Imperators

2nd Egypt Elite nile Gunners

3rd Finland foldbitten

Division 3C

1st European Team Vertex - RIP Youngblood

2nd European unity_

3rd Ireland Cream of the Crop

Division 3D

1st Germany vier // red

2nd France PyRo|GEN

3rd European Crack Clan // Blue

Division 3E

1st European SOLAR

2nd Russia HoverCrabs

3rd Germany Trick17 Black

Division 4A

1st Portugal Calavera Canvas

2nd European Audere Semper eSport Diamond TF2 team

3rd Sweden Quadrivium

Division 4B

1st European Audere Semper eSports

1st European d-d-Did I Stutter?

3rd Finland The MIPC Second Edition

3rd England nervousENERGY BLU

Division 4C

1st International yaay

2nd European Inadequacy

3rd England 9 Men

Division 4D

1st Finland FAP!

2nd Poland Third World Country

3rd Ukraine PFF

Division 4E

1st Denmark LEGO

2nd Lithuania xenon

3rd Germany vier // blu R.I.P.

3rd Germany .fest

Division 4F

1st Germany who is?

2nd Bulgaria League of Angry Gentlemen

3rd Germany Trick17 Full HD

Division 4G

1st Switzerland Team Colonslash: Shine ☼

2nd Lithuania [OOC] Team

3rd Estonia Les Miserabablebles

Division 5A

1st Latvia Immortal Sons

2nd European Quick Team

2nd Seychelles Green Elephants.

Division 5B

1st Russia eХe

2nd Russia motor motion

3rd European poob team

Division 5C

1st European Team Colonslash: Dinosaurs

2nd European 8U Gaming

2nd Germany The Good Guys!

Division 5D

1st European Team Colonslash

2nd European

3rd Wales The Enigma Zone Crew

Division 5E

1st Poland Lethal-Zone: Gamble

2nd France Gunslingers ♣

3rd International Buy More

Division 5F

1st Germany LAME powered by LAME

2nd Portugal MASTERMINDS

3rd European UCAP eSports

Division 5G

1st Sweden Five ants are more than four elephants!

2nd Russia Who Dares Wins

3rd Spain Not Neutral

Division 5H

1st Belgium Azilum Gaming

2nd International Pinnacle

3rd Croatia Guru Gaming

Division 5I

1st CzechRepublic Premium Gaming

2nd Germany HerbsArmy

3rd European Team Colonslash: Dinosaurs

Division 6A

1st European Skulder

2nd Russia [FREE 2 GAY]

3rd Russia CrossColor

Division 6B

1st Belarus Virtability

1st Russia Sick Brick

3rd European By The Way

Division 6C

1st Lithuania Team Retro

2nd Russia War Crocodiles of Nigeria

3rd Bulgaria Cool Clan Name

Division 6D

1st Israel Division Of Justice

1st Latvia Saules Puķe

3rd Israel Pwning Without Remorse

Division 6E

1st European Pretty Penny

1st Sweden SuperStina

3rd Finland HELP HELPERS

Division 6F

1st European Old Skool Talent

1st Finland Feacon

3rd Italy Angry Mosquitoes

Division 6G

1st European Team Gaming

2nd Germany Chill it

2nd European TBA 2

Division 6H

1st Belgium webSPELL` Gaming

2nd England 9 Men Lite

3rd France Equality For ALL

Division 6I

1st Spain disting2.0

2nd European addict! eSports

3rd Germany Friendly Friends

Division 6J

1st Germany redux. Gaming

2nd Sweden Moder

3rd European Syndicate: Orange

Division 6K

1st European nervousENERGY - WHITE

2nd European Six Silly Somethings

3rd France I love EFALL

Division 6L

1st European REVERTO

2nd Turkey Default Win e-Sports / White

3rd European Erdnuckels