Nations Cup #3

Welcome to the third ETF2L Nations Cup! 32 National Teams from countries all over the world fight to prove which Nation is the best at Team Fortress 2, as well as lay claim to the cash prize offered by Russia Angel.


For an overview of the rules please check out the General Rules and the Nations Cup #3 Rules.

Money prize

Russia Angel offered $1234 to the winner of the 6v6 Nations Cup – $1777 if it is won by the team from the USA United States of America or Canada Canada.



  • Group Stage Week 1: July 16 – July 22
  • Group Stage Week 2: July 23 – July 29
  • Group Stage Week 3: July 30 – August 5
  • Playoffs Round of 16: August 6 – August 12
  • Quarter-Finals: August 13 – August 19
  • Semi-Finals: August 20 – September 9 (to avoid collision with the insomnia 46 LAN)
  • Final: September 10 – September 16


The 32 signed teams will be split up in four pools divided by skill level. Pools will be drawn out in Groups A-H with eight groups of 4 teams. Teams from each group meet each other once, for a total of three group matches.

Top 2 of each group are promoted to the Playoff Phase. Two teams of the same Group can’t meet again before the final.

All Playoff matches are played in a Best-Of-3 format, with teams deciding the maps via map elimination.

Hall of Fame