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6v6 Autumn 2023 – Home & Restrictions

ETF2L 6v6 Season 46

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  • Signups: CLOSED
  • Main Season: 15th October – 2nd December
  • Roster-lock: 25th November – 23:59
  • Playoffs: 3rd December – 17th December

Premiership and Division 1

Map pool

For Premiership and Division 1 the following map pool will be used:

Map Rotation

  • week 1: cp_process, koth_bagel, cp_sultry, cp_snakewater, cp_sunshine
  • week 2: cp_sunshine, koth_product_final, cp_snakewater, cp_entropy, cp_gullywash
  • week 3: cp_gullywash, koth_bagel, cp_metalworks, cp_process, cp_entropy
  • week 4: cp_snakewater, koth_product_final, cp_sultry, cp_sunshine, cp_metalworks
  • week 5: cp_metalworks, koth_bagel, cp_entropy, cp_gullywash, cp_process
  • week 6: cp_sultry, koth_product_final, cp_metalworks, cp_sunshine, cp_snakewater
  • week 7: cp_entropy, koth_bagel, cp_sultry, cp_process, cp_gullywash


Premiership Playoffs will take place December 9th-10th while Division 1 Playoffs will take place December 16th-17th.

These playoffs will follow a similar structure to the previous Seasons, with it being Top 4 in the tables. Top 2 going to Upper Bracket Finals and Bottom 2 going to Lower Bracket Semis.

There will be map pick advantage for the teams who win the Upper B

Division 2 and Below

Map pool

For Division 2 and below the following map pool will be used:

Map Rotation


The Playoffs for Division 2 and below will take place from 3rd December – 17th December.

  • Quarter Finals: 3rd December – 7th December
  • Semi Finals: 8th December – 12th December
  • Grand Final: 13th December – 17th December

Division 2: Top 4 teams in each division will proceed into playoffs.

  • 1st Div2A vs 4th Div2B
  • 2nd Div2B vs 3rd Div2A
  • 2nd Div2A vs 3rd Div2B
  • 1st Div2B vs 4th Div2A

Mid, Low and Open: Top 8 in each division will proceed into playoffs.

  • 1st vs 8th
  • 4th vs 5th
  • 3rd vs 6th
  • 2nd vs 7th


Updated 04.11.2023

Division 2