Entries from August 2015

Insomnia55 TF2 LAN tournament

Date August 28, 2015

If you by some stroke of sheer misfortune somehow didn’t know, today marks the start of the annual TF2 tournament taking place at the i55 LAN in Coventry, England. Here the best and bravest will compete live for your amusement, unhindered by ping, to see which team can lay claim to the title of world’s […]

Forsaken Cup: Wrap-up

Date August 24, 2015

banner by PaprikaProductions The cup came to an end and to most people’s surprise didn’t run off with the gold medal. Instead they ended on a well earned 3rd place. went and took the 1st place in an interesting final against . I hope most players enjoyed the cup and hope they would potentially leave some more […]

Highlander Nations Cup #4 Playoffs: Sweden vs. Norway @ 19 CEST

Date August 23, 2015

Sunday special is nearly here! Join ,  &  on BlackOut TV with the Scandinavian derby between  in the east and  on the west! leads the charge from once more with a roster full of history (and talent), once such moment being the victors of last year’s Nations Cup where they took home the prize over  in […]

Highlander Nations Cup #4 Playoffs: England vs. Finland @ 20 CEST

Date August 18, 2015

In our match of the evening last year’s finalists  take on . strolled through their group, taking first place, but rarely were pushed out of 1st gear.  has organised his squad with a mix of experience and new talent, who have shone so far – but how will they cope against a much tougher opponent? […]

Forsaken Cup: Playoffs

Date August 17, 2015

banner by PaprikaProductions It’s beginning to look a lot like Dustbowl! The playoff  bracket is out and can be found here! If you have any criticism towards the cup you can leave it in the feedback thread over here. Apart from that we would like to specify something for the rest of the cup. Turbine and […]