Entries from March 2014

Highlander Season 6: Chessclub Techniques! vs Highpander

Date March 30, 2014

Highlander Season 6 Premiership – Week 3: Chessclub Techniques! vs Highpander Roll up, roll up, its that time again for another great match. Tonight we see against . We’re into Week 3 of this Highlander Season 6 and so far both teams are standing on very similar ground.  have taken a Draw and a Golden Cap […]

It certainly doesn’t look like Sweet Harmony in Prem

Date March 29, 2014

What better catalyst is there for a new article than fresh drama? With Highlander interest in the EU reaching higher levels (article to come out later), and Prem being a hotbed of upsets this season while we are only three weeks in! It has rejuvenated my motivation for writing gossip articles, and it’s time to […]

Season 17 Tiebreakers powered by Tt eSports: Seventy-Sixers vs #Passion

Date March 27, 2014

Season 17 Tiebreakers – Division 5a: Seventy-Sixers vs #Passion Tune into AllyMonkeyTV tonight to witness the finale of Division 5a, only the winner will secure their spot in Division 4 next season. The two teams will be fighting it out for 1st place in their division. On the mics will be and with on the camera.

Highlander Season 6: Highpander vs The Electric Temptations

Date March 23, 2014

Highlander Season 6 Premiership – Week 2: Highpander vs The Electric Temptations Starting off with the Week 2 coverage featuring against on Viaduct & Gullywash. So far this season both teams have succumbed to their opponents in Week 1 with  only picking up 2 points and with 0. Who will win? Tune in to find out!

Highlander Season 6: PremTech vs The Breakfast Club

Date March 22, 2014

Highlander Season 6 Division 1 – Week 1: PremTech vs The Breakfast Club Last game to be casted of Week 1 and it couldn’t be better with against .  are a new form for this season with a whole compilation of players whilst  have been fighting up with a Division 2 win in Season 5 granting them […]