Entries from September 2013

Season 16 powered by BlackOut Gaming Premiership: Epsilon eSports vs Team Decerto and causeWEcan

Date September 30, 2013

Banner by  accless Season 16 powered by BlackOut Gaming: Epsilon eSports vs Team Decerto Reigning ETF2L and world champions, , get their season under way with a match against premiership newcomers . With the retirement of , Epsilon might have been weakened to a slight extent, but worry not, is no inadequate replacement. Whether this roster […]

Metalworks One Night Cup: Wrap-up

Date September 25, 2013

Banner by accless Metalworks One Night Cup Wrap-up The Metalworks Cup has been a great success. It has in fact been the biggest one night cup ETF2L has ever hosted since the Process Cup, with 127 teams signed up and 8 brackets in total! Here is an overview of the results: Highest bracket High bracket […]

6v6 Nations Cup #4 powered by BlackOut Gaming: Grand Final Tonight!

Date September 22, 2013

Banner by Nations Cup #4 Grand Final With both Sweden and Germany producing comfortable wins their Semi-Finals it’s hard to extract anything from their recent form in the ETF2L’s fourth 6v6 Nations Cup. Impressively both teams are fielding rosters comprised almost entirely of Premiership talent, the exception being Germany’s medic, . As if national pride […]

Metalworks One Night Cup: Tonight is the Night!

Date September 19, 2013

Banner by  accless OVERVIEW With cp_metalworks_rc5 having been added to the S16 map pool, we are going to host a one night cup focused on the map on Thursday the 19th of September, so that teams have a chance to play on the new map in a more serious environment before the season starts! ETF2L has servers with […]

Season 16 powered by BlackOut Gaming: Premiership and Division 1 Qualifiers

Date September 18, 2013

Banner by  accless Season 16 powered by BlackOut Gaming: Premiership Qualifier Before the season starts, two playoffs have to be played, with the first one being a contest between and . Both teams were recently formed and with some impressive results against established Premiership teams. However, there is only one Premiership spot available. The winners will […]