Entries from May 2013

AVerMedia MGE Monthly Cup May: Scout Wrap Up

Date May 31, 2013

Banner by accless Overview Having fought through the qualifying bracket, and then through the monthly final bracket, a huge congratulations to who came out victorious in the finals and is now the proud owner of: 1x AVerMedia Live Gamer HD C985 But lets not forget the pixel trophies! These bad boys have be given to […]

Steam Logins, Rule Update, Interp Exploit & Bans

Date May 30, 2013

Steam OpenID Login Thanks to the valiant efforts of , ETF2L is now using Steam OpenID. You will now need a valid Steam account to register and log in. The new system offers several great advantages: Additional protection against spambots All newly registered players will automatically have their Steam ID added to their ETF2L profile […]

AVerMedia MGE Monthly Cup: Scout – Monthly Final May Tonight

Date May 29, 2013

Banner by accless Overview With the conclusion of both qualifying brackets, 8 players have risen to the top and qualified for the Monthly Final! The qualifiers from Bracket #1 are: The qualifiers from Bracket #2 are: All 8 qualifying players have automatically been added to the competition. If you cannot play, please let an admin […]

Season 15 powered by BlackOut Gaming: broder vs Epsilon eSports and Skidmark Central vs SOLAR

Date May 23, 2013

broder vs Epsilon eSports We’re in for a treat tonight when last season’s finalists, and , face each other. got crushed in this same matchup in the regular season last time around and were considered massive underdogs going into the final. Against all odds, they pulled off something spectacular and almost clinched victory from ‘s […]

Staff Changes, Premiership Drama & Rule Change

Date May 23, 2013

Staff Changes Priorities change for everyone at some point and the time has come for several staff members to move on. We would like to thank them all for the time and effort they put into this league and wish they succeed in their future projects, be it in real life or in another game. […]