Entries from April 2013

Highlander Season 4 powered by BlackOut Gaming: Playoffs and Tiebreakers

Date April 29, 2013

banner by accless Playoffs and Tiebreakers For most teams, Highlander Season 4 powered by BlackOut Gaming is over. However for a small percentage of teams, there are still the all important Playoffs and Tiebreakers to be played! The full list of tiebreakers: Division 2A relegation tiebreaker:  Kritzkast: Distinguished Ducks vs  Raw Deal Division 3A promotion tiebreaker:  Partyvan vs  Hycz-eSports […]

AVerMedia MGE Monthly Cup April: Soldier Wrap Up

Date April 28, 2013

Banner by  accless Overview Having fought through the qualifying bracket, and then through the monthly final bracket, a huge congratulations to who came out victorious in the finals and is now the proud owner of: 1x AVerMedia Live Gamer HD C985 But let’s not forget the pixel trophies! These bad boys have be given to the […]

Season 15 powered by BlackOut Gaming: The Provisional Divisions, Qualifiers and Updates

Date April 27, 2013

Banner by Khat The Provisional Divisions The signup count for Season 15 powered by BlackOut Gaming is 312 teams with a few on the waiting list to compensate early drops. The divisions are still subject to change, there is no guarantee for anyone except those teams who earned promotion or stayed comfortably in the middle […]

Upcoming site maintenance

Date April 25, 2013

Upcoming site maintenance The ETF2L website and forums will be going down for maintenance this Friday evening, around 21.00 CEST. We are expecting this downtime to last up until Saturday evening. During downtime, you will still be able to contact admins in #etf2l and reserve ETF2L gameservers. If you have a match scheduled for Friday […]

AVerMedia MGE Monthly Cup: Soldier – Monthly Final April Tonight

Date April 23, 2013

Banner by  accless Overview With the conclusion of both qualifying brackets, 8 players have risen to the top and qualified for the Monthly Final! The qualifiers from Bracket #1 are: The qualifiers from Bracket #2 are: All 8 qualifying players have automatically been added to the competition. If you cannot play, please let an admin know […]