Season 13: Premiership Match – Epsilon eSports vs. Crack Clan + Highlander Reminders

Date October 23, 2012

Season 13 powered by Tt eSPORTS: Premiership Match – Epsilon eSports vs Crack Clan

cp_snakewater [Map 1]

cp_process_b10fix [Map 2]

As the sun begins to set on Season 13, a tumultous battle has erupted over the idolised fourth place playoff spot, a springboard which could jettison any team towards victory, and compensate for a season full of calamity and regret. European Epsilon eSports, the current thronebearers of the ETF2L, are pitted against fourth-placed Germany Crack Clan, who need to rise from the ashes of their dissapointing defeat at the hands of European BFF to secure themselves a playoff spot. UK Chaplain sat down with the sensational Israel Retshock, to find out how much a victory could mean for the Germany Crack Clan side tonight:

C:“Afternoon Retshock, good to talk to you; how are you feeling ahead of the big game tonight?”

R:“I’m feeling great, every night of games that includes an ETF2L official match is great and this one is no different!”

C:“I’m glad to hear it, lets get down to business. How much does a win mean for you and your team tonight?”

R:“A win tonight matters a great deal to us, however even if we fall short, we know that we still have a chance of achieving our initial goal, which was to reach the playoffs. If we win – that’s great, however if not then then it’s not that big of a deal.”

C:“Nice to hear that you’re taking it easy, but how confident of victory are you tonight?”

R:“I can’t tell exactly how confident we are of victory, however, I can tell you that we are very confident in our play, and I think if we bring our A game we could take tonight’s match.”

C:“Good to hear, now finally, who do you think will cause you the most problems tonight?”

R:“It’s hard to decide, I think if  Wales Mike has a good day then he’ll be annoying to play against, but so would England Numlocked or Sweden Wltrs ( only if he snipes cause he can’t scout for shit ).”

C:“Thanks for your time!”

So, Germany Crack Clan aren’t sure how they are going to do, despite the fighting talk aimed at Sweden Wltrs. I asked European Epsilon’s Wales Mike the same set of questions:

C:“Evening Wales Mike, how are you feeling ahead of the big game tonight?”

M:“I’m feeling very good thanks, I’m sure my team is too as we have established a good playstyle and consistency recently which has settled us down.”

C:“How much does a win mean for you and your team tonight?”

M:Germany Crack Clan are (imo) a top 3 team and seeing as we secured 6 points from European BFF a win tonight would make us 109% confident going into the playoffs, so it is quite important. However, we could easily shrug a loss off as these maps do not bring out the best in us”

C:“Who do you think will cause you the most problems tonight?

M:Israel Retsh0ck is insane and it frightens me to imagine him without that hefty ping, fortunately for us with it he is merely a top prem demoman, so shouldn’t pose too many problems.”

C:“Thanks and best of luck for tonight!”

VanillaTV will be covering this match, live from 21.15 CEST, featuring the amazing England Arx & Beta combo and an unannounced streamer; see you there!

You can catch another article written by me (Chaplain) on the Vanillatv site

Season 13 Reminders & Catch Up Week

As in every season, using wildcards during the last week of the competition (October 28 to November 3) is not allowed and rescheduling is only possible with mutual agreement from both teams. If your opponent used a wildcard anyway, please do not simply ignore it but contact an admin. The admin will reinstate the old schedule and post a reminder on the match page.

For the experienced players among us this should also not come as a surprise. The rosters of all teams participating in Season 13 will be locked from October 28 to the end of the playoffs. You are not allowed to add new players to the roster and you are only allowed to use a maximum of 2 mercs per match. To play it safe, you should add possible backup players to your roster as soon as possible.

To accomodate teams whose matches were delayed by wildcards or extensions, Season 13 will have a catch up week from November 4 to November 10. All matches with no result on November 11 at midnight will be nullified. Please note that no team will be forced by the league to play any later than the official week 7 deadline (November 3). All wildcarded matches will receive a default date on Saturday, October 27, and to make use of the catch up week you need to request an extension of the match deadline (or take the minor warning).

Highlander Reminders

Remember that Highlander Season 3 Signups close on the 24th, 23:59 CEST, so if you want to enter, you need to submit your application now. More information regarding Highlander Season 3 can be found on its hub page.


  1. ZooZ: Hostile - <3 said:

    If you give us a catch up week from nov. 4 to nov. 10, why don’t you allow us for using a wildcard for a week 7 game, but only for one week ?

  2. CanFo: (Legend) - [HA] - #T4F said:

    Because to use the catch up week both teams need to agree which is not the case if you use a wildcard.