Entries from July 2012

Tuesday’s games, American Rules Cup

Date July 31, 2012

American Rules Cup The American Rules Cup signups have exceeded expectations, and in order to accommodate all participants and improve cup flow, we’ve decided to make several changes to the cup structure. The cup will now feature skill brackets of 8 teams each, and will have 7 days per match instead of 5, with cp_snakewater […]

Monday’s Games, Cup Reminder, Mixup Map 3

Date July 30, 2012

6v6 Nations Cup: Austria vs. Sweden Austria proved being a team full of surprises beating Scotland in week 2, but will they manage to take some points off Sweden to secure their ticket out of the group stage? Anything can happen when you have broesel and archy on the same team, however Sweden has aces […]

Sunday’s Games and Showmatch part 2: Leviathan Gaming vs. Epsilon eSports

Date July 29, 2012

6v6 Nations Cup: Croatia vs. United States of America United States of America couldn’t field enough players and had to forfeit the match. 6v6 Nations Cup: Latvia vs. Turkey Latvia had a hard time in week 1 to field enough players and they had to default the match, Turkey did their best but lost their […]

North American 6v6 Rules Funcup

Date July 28, 2012

Multi-week funcup: NA Map format and Unlocks While watching the exciting ESEA S11 Finals, we couldn’t help but think: what would happen if we were to thrust our european vanilla-loving turtles into a fierce saffron-flavored race to 5 caps? Only one way to find out! For this cup, we’ll attempt to emulate the North American […]

Mixup Match Map 2, One Night Cup: cp_toxic winners, 6v6 NC Schedule Reminder, HL NC Quarter Finals

Date July 28, 2012

One Night Cup: cp_toxic Winners Our last One Night Cup became a great success we did not only start earlier but also manage to play all games within given time deadline. Many thanks to all participants. Here are the winners, congratulations: Higher Bracket 1.  dafuq 2.  9 men 3.  Not Only Rockets Love You 3.  ScS Gaming.fi Lower […]