Entries from September 2010

The Highlander Challenge starts now!

Date September 22, 2010

The Groups and Fixtures have now been added to the site, so all Highlander Challenge teams should be able to see who they need to play and when. Please start arranging your first week fixtures now – they are visible on your ‘My Matches’ page, as well as on your Team page. If you have […]

ETF2L Radio – TCM vs TLR – The ESH ASUS Cup Final!

Date September 20, 2010

We’ve gone Finals mad here in TF2 world as ETF2L Radio returns to cover the conclusive game of yet another great online competition – the ESH ASUS Battle of Britain Cup. The big news of the tournament so far came in the Semi Finals, where many were surprised to see German superstars TLR beat a […]

ETF2L Radio – TCM vs Dignitas – The Ubercharge Final!

Date September 16, 2010

And we’re back, bringing you another cast of the Ubercharge tournament as tonight it all concludes in what will be a great Final between Team Dignitas and TCM-Gaming! Straight off the back of a thoroughly impressive victory over Epsilon Esports, TCM-Gaming will tonight be looking to finish the deal in what they do best – […]

Experimental Ordnance Cup #1 – Brackets

Date September 15, 2010

Update: After a great evening of games, we are now left with just the two finalists of each Bracket. Upper Bracket Final: RAGE.eSports vs. TLR Lower Bracket Final: Entropy Team vs. TEAM DEFIANCE The finals will be arranged and played within a week and we hope to have coverage of the Upper Bracket final. Both finals […]

Yet Another Ban Post

Date September 15, 2010

And sadly, we’re back to announce more bans. If there’s just one thing we’d like to make clear about our Anti-Cheat team, it’s that they always have full proof – beyond circumstantial evidence – behind every ban we make. This has been highlighted recently in the much publicised ‘boomeh case’. After some considerable effort we […]