Entries from July 2010

In Memory Of Trees

Date July 27, 2010

I am resigning from the ETF2L Admin Team with immediate effect. I’m sure this post will bring about many happy cheers from the bandwagon groups in the community and good for you. You should be immensely satisfied that 7 months of abuse can push someone so far away from being enthusiastic about a gaming league […]

B is for Bans

Date July 25, 2010

Traditionally ETF2L have always announced new bans on Sundays. Whilst we briefly considered a shock Saturday switch, the traditional approach struck us as far more appealing. The following four people find themselves banned from all ETF2L competitions for the period of 1 year from today. In addition to this, in accordance with our reformed stance […]

ETF2L Radio – idk? vs TLR – Week 3

Date July 21, 2010

After TLR’s display versus Dignitas, some would say it’s an outrage to count this wild german clan out (minus viqun and havok :D). However with the maps in hand, this match will be a close and fought one. With idk? suffering at the moment due to various members on vacation, will the german soldier duo […]