Entries from March 2009

Season 4 title decision – Division 1 Week 9 match Team Dignitas vs. Crack Clan tonight @ 21:00 CEST!

Date March 30, 2009

Over 900 matches have already been submitted and almost all Division winners are decided, but the most important question still isn’t answered yet: Who will win this season’s title and get the six high quality headsets from SteelSeries? We will know by tonight with currently unbeaten number 1 Team Dignitas meeting Crack Clan who are […]

Promotion / Relegation System and another Hacker Caught.

Date March 29, 2009

Promotion / Relegation System Over on our public forums, there have been several posts concerning who will be promoted / relegated in Season 5, including newly (re)formed clans. We have created a small guide for the current season and there will be a more detailed post including this seasons Promotions / Relegations & Playoffs coming […]

Scout 2on2 Cup: back on track – New admins – The Community LAN

Date March 26, 2009

Scout 2on2 Cup: The show must go on Sadly not many teams took part in the forum poll and it also ended in a draw (9 votes for poll option A + B). Still, it’s time to get this cup back on track, so we have decided for the mentioned rules below. There will probably […]

MeGa Caught Hacking.

Date March 25, 2009

The ETF2L “anti-cheat” department has certainly been working overtime this week, another hacker has been caught. Whilst we were reviewing the evidence, mega’s account got VAC2 banned and he pm’d an admin admitting to what he had been doing. Unforunately he created a new account, with the same name, same team, avatars and friends. Both […]

Cheating Issue – ColorZ account sharing + A number of cheaters banned

Date March 22, 2009

Another sad day for our community. Cheating is becoming a more frequent sight in etf2l. In the last week we have uncovered more cheating and rule evading then I thought this community could ever throw at us. 1 Year bans: K1ck.Heliana – banned by sourcebans.net for aimbotting: link (public record). Ranger-Sensei – using a triggerbot […]