Entries from February 2008

2nd Cup Sign-Ups closed, 1st Round starting Sunday!

Date February 28, 2008

2nd Cup-Sign-Ups closed last night; we were able to reach 64 teams from 19 different ‘nationalities’. We wish all participants good luck and much fun – which country will take the trophy home? Germany (12 teams): Die Doppelnullen, Friede seiner Asche, IsF, Keine halben Sachen, last one alive lock the door, rats-clan, simply iQ, Soldiers […]

Division 4 finished, 2nd Cup Sign-Ups closing, Admin Search

Date February 26, 2008

Yeeeha! Division 4 managed to finish all their games exemplary Sunday evening. All remaining 7 teams played their 6 games, the final outcome can be found at our Tables of course. We have to congratulate the only Polish team in Season 1: total llamas managed to get the Division 4-Title with 10 map wins out […]

Week 7 Fixtures and more…

Date February 22, 2008

First of all our 2nd Cup Sign-Ups running smoothly, at the moment we have 36 teams registered for it. 26 possible spots are still available, feel free to join in. Sign-Ups-Deadline is next Wednesday, 23:59 CET. Week 7, which was supposed to be the last week for Division 1, 2a, 2b and 4 is running. […]

Four Kings Starting Cup Champion & 2nd Cup Sign-Ups open!

Date February 20, 2008

After a more or less thrilling Starting Cup Final, Four Kings managed to win their second ETF2L Title during three days after winning over Team CoolerMaster (granary 9:1, well 3:0). Congratulations to you again guys! 2nd Cup Sign-Ups are now open! Here are all important details to it: Gamemode – 6on6, Mediclimit 1, Playerlimit 2, […]

Season 1 Champions: Four Kings & Starting Cup Final Coverage!

Date February 19, 2008

Well yeah, they made it! After beating their probably hardest opponent Kompaniet last week, Four Kings managed to get another 2-Map-Win vs. fof² yesterday evening. With 19 points and only 1 map loss after all games played, Four Kings managed to win the ETF2L Season 1 Title! Congratulations! Four Kings way to the Title: 10.01.2008 […]