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Menty: anyone else wanna put me out of my misery

woona leading until me the great nati0nal comes back

↪Scout // Assassin+
↪Soldier // Nati0nal
↪Pyro // MrBliss
↪Demo //
↪Heavy // Woona
↪Engineer //
↪Medic // Lecunea
↪Sniper //
↪Spy //


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Player History

Action Player By Date
Left Nati0nal Nati0nal
Left MrBliss Nati0nal
Left lecunea lecunea
Left Assassin+ Assassin+
Left vita vita
Left Woona Woona
Joined Woona Nati0nal
Joined Assassin+ Nati0nal
Joined lecunea Nati0nal
Joined vita Nati0nal
Joined MrBliss Nati0nal
Joined Nati0nal Nati0nal