Infernal Impaler's

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{Infernal Impaler's}
===============TEAM MENTOR===============
S29 Roster:
Roamer Scout: Spades
Pocket Scout: DelT
Roamer: Dennis
Pocket: BoB
Demoman: Bozz
Med: Alex

Some Info:
°Add Dennis for everything. (Comment before adding)
°Scrims are nice, feel free to face even higher divisions teams.
°Dont freak out if some1 from us is pyro main with 1k hrs on it. #fellshotman
°Yes, our medic can heal decently.
°Demomam? More like Roamerman.
°Pocket? Well, hates shotty, but beware of losing your med.
°Roamer? Oh, well… he is laggy, so dont scream if you cant hit.
°Scouts? Never saw better meta before (I did).


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Date Old Name New Name
Infernal Summit Infernal Impaler's
Black.Skies Infernal Summit

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Left BoB BoB
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