Black liBes Batter

[Fun Team]
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just a mix of very bad boys who care for no rules and you know what ? BITCHES LOVE OUR FRESH JUICE

the gang
spanns – hermit who plays with his flute in the mountains
basher – rock hard
vladandreiy – sounds like a girl
ducky – likes giant anime cocks
strix – refined taster of expired pussy
alive – banned in xbox live for saying the n word


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Date Round Team 1 Team 2 Result
Reverse Map Cup [Archives]
Round 1 (nekenieH) Black liBes Batter kofola master race 1 - 1
Round 3 (nekenieH) Black liBes Batter Sullen Default Win
Round 2 (nekenieH) Black liBes Batter Mayonnaise Dealers Fun 0 - 3


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Baddies Black liBes Batter

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Left vladandreiy vladandreiy
Left Alive Alive
Left ducky ducky
Left .strix .strix
Left Spanns Spanns
Left basher basher
Joined basher Alive
Joined Spanns Alive
Joined vladandreiy Alive
Joined .strix Alive
Joined ducky Alive
Joined Alive Alive