IT'S [email protected] BEDTIME!!!

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IT'S [email protected] BEDTIME!!
Jew: MoreBuckets!
MAMA MIA!:Freakiee
Blitzkrieg: Benaty
Baguette: Nawan
Cheese eater: Ackachu
Ronaldo Fanboy: Qohen

P.S.: This roster is not meaning to offend any : Jews,Italians,Thieves,Germans,Baguattes,Painters and Ronaldo fanboys


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Date Round Team 1 Team 2 Result
Prolands Cup powered by serveme.tf [Archives]
Group Stage Match 3 (Open Bracket B) Monika did nothing wrong IT'S [email protected] BEDTIME!!! Default Loss
Group Stage Match 2 (Open Bracket B) Francesco Totti's Fan club IT'S [email protected] BEDTIME!!! 3 - 0
Group Stage Match 1 (Open Bracket B) IT'S [email protected] BEDTIME!!! dream team Default Loss


Date DL POV Competition Round Team 1 Team 2
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Player History

Action Player By Date
Left Freakie Freakie
Left Benaty Benaty
Left MoreBuckets! MoreBuckets!
Left akachu akachu
Left Nawan Nawan
Left pedthrow pedthrow
Joined Nawan MoreBuckets!
Joined akachu MoreBuckets!
Left reem reem
Left Lek Lek
Joined reem MoreBuckets!
Joined Benaty MoreBuckets!
Joined pedthrow MoreBuckets!
Joined Lek MoreBuckets!
Joined Freakie MoreBuckets!
Joined MoreBuckets! MoreBuckets!