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ㅤSeason 11 High
ㅤAdd corrsinT for recruitment, Sheezer for anything else

ㅤScout: ?
ㅤSoldier: JustJosh
ㅤPyro: corrsinT
ㅤDemo: Speedead
ㅤHeavy: ?
ㅤEngie: Baam
ㅤMedic: ?
ㅤSniper: Sheezer
ㅤSpy: Pine

ㅤSubs: Bloodis, Happycat, thaZu, feri, Chandos


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Team Name History

Date Old Name New Name
Fail-Push Squad Pootis.pro eSports
GetTriggered Gaming Fail-Push Squad
FullTilt Gaming GetTriggered Gaming

Player History

Action Player By Date
Left Feri Feri
Left Sheezer Sheezer
Left thaZu thaZu
Left happy happy
Left Speedead Speedead
Left Pineapple Wolf Pineapple Wolf
Left JustJosh JustJosh
Left Bloodis Bloodis
Left sintyyr sintyyr
Left the hand that destroys u the hand that destroys u
Joined the hand that destroys u sintyyr
Joined Feri Sheezer
Joined thaZu sintyyr
Joined happy Sheezer
Joined JustJosh Sheezer
Left fsidu fsidu
Joined BAAM sintyyr
Joined Pineapple Wolf Sheezer
Joined fsidu sintyyr
Joined Bloodis sintyyr
Joined sintyyr Sheezer
Joined Speedead Sheezer
Joined Sheezer Sheezer