Mount Everekt

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A brand new Highlander team founded on the chilly peaks of the freezing Chomolungma. Whoever fallen off it's peaks, simply got rekt by our Lord, Mount Everekt. :3

Team skill level: Open

Scrim Schedule:

Tuesdays,Thursdays,Sundays 20:00 or 21:00 cest

Main Line-Up:

Scout – Etag
Soldier – Reoccuring
Pyro – Mappy
Demoman – Pepsiman
Heavy – Fekete Gábor
Engineer – /
Medic – /
Sniper – /
Spy – Nixon


Dávid (sub scout)
IQFighter (sub pyro)
Pokolgép (sub demo)
tapsi (sub soly)
moriarty (sub spy)
alfa (sub medic)
Hoolygan (sub medic)
Koversa (Inactive)

If you wish to play scrims against our team, add me, or Nixon in advance.


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Registered Players

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Upcoming Fixtures

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Player History

Action Player By Date
Left Mappy Mappy
Left moriarty Mappy
Left david Mappy
Left IQfighter Mappy
Left ETAG Mappy
Left wS Pepsiman Mappy
Left pokolgep335 Mappy
Left TAPSí Mappy
Left alfa616 Mappy
Left tuja Mappy
Left Koversa Mappy
Left Fekete Gabor Fekete Gabor
Left Nixon Nixon
Left Hoolygan5 Hoolygan5
Left Reoccurring Reoccurring
Left bohoc bohoc
Joined Hoolygan5 Mappy
Joined tuja Mappy
Joined moriarty Mappy
Joined david Mappy
Joined Koversa Mappy
Joined IQfighter Mappy
Joined Fekete Gabor Mappy
Joined ETAG Mappy
Joined wS Pepsiman Mappy
Joined bohoc Mappy
Joined pokolgep335 Mappy
Joined TAPSí Mappy
Joined alfa616 Mappy
Joined Reoccurring Mappy
Joined Nixon Mappy
Joined Mappy Mappy