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(ง⌐□ل͜□)ง LANFITES (ง⌐□ل͜□)ง

DADFITES: http://etf2l.org/teams/26249/

i58: 10th in the swiss (Still better than Porky LUL)

Med: Wuba
Demo: Eemes
Pocket: Gemm
Roamer: Stinson
Scout: Cloudy
lan roster-rider: Perry


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Player History

Action Player By Date
Left gemm gemm
Left cloudy cloudy
Left The Perrywinkle The Perrywinkle
Left Stinson_Out Stinson_Out
Left Wuba Wuba
Left Eemes Eemes
Joined Eemes The Perrywinkle
Joined Stinson_Out gemm
Joined Wuba gemm
Joined The Perrywinkle gemm
Joined cloudy gemm
Joined gemm gemm