Gatare Zemmers

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If you don't catch the wave, the wave will catch you.

Scout: Goomy
Soldier: Sangburd
Pyro: Legadith
Demo: Pr0per
Heavy: Eriksson
Engineer: Dreamcat
Medic: L3GACY
Sniper: Starshot
Spy: Lategum
Sub: Tyf00s


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Player History

Action Player By Date
Left Starshot Starshot
Left Tyt00s Tyt00s
Left Lega Lega
Left Pr0p3r Pr0p3r
Left lategum lategum
Left Eriksson Eriksson
Left Goomy Goomy
Left L3G4CY L3G4CY
Left Sangburd Sangburd
Left Dreamcat Dreamcat
Joined Tyt00s Eriksson
Joined lategum Eriksson
Joined Lega Eriksson
Joined Pr0p3r Eriksson
Joined Starshot Eriksson
Joined Sangburd Eriksson
Joined Goomy Eriksson
Joined L3G4CY Eriksson
Joined Dreamcat Eriksson
Joined Eriksson Eriksson