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Welcome to Brazzers!

Feel free to contact the leaders to arrange a scrim.


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Registered Players

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Upcoming Fixtures

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Date DL POV Competition Round Team 1 Team 2
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Player History

Action Player By Date
Left Cro Cro
Left Oli Oli
Left Guardian Guardian
Left Bobair Bobair
Left Ruska Ruska
Left tomi tomi
Left Kakao Kakao
Left Edek Edek
Left Akwilon Akwilon
Left Legoras Legoras
Left MuodyM MuodyM
Left misiek quintosh
Joined Bobair Akwilon
Joined Ruska Akwilon
Joined Edek MuodyM
Joined Guardian MuodyM
Joined tomi Akwilon
Left croolik Akwilon
Joined misiek Akwilon
Left Moonwalker Akwilon
Left BazieK Akwilon
Left misiek Akwilon
Joined misiek Akwilon
Joined Legoras croolik
Joined Przyjemniaczek croolik
Joined MuodyM Akwilon
Left Yurisia Akwilon
Left chooper chooper
Joined BazieK Akwilon
Joined Araś croolik
Joined Roke Alva Akwilon
Joined Oli Akwilon
Joined Moonwalker Akwilon
Joined chooper Akwilon
Joined Yurisia Akwilon
Joined Tuliak Akwilon
Joined Akwilon croolik
Joined Cro croolik
Joined Kakao croolik
Joined croolik croolik