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Estyle 2012


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Date Round Team 1 Team 2 Result
Season 12 powered by Tt eSPORTS [Archives]
Week 7 (Division 6L) Skills To Pay The Bills Epoch Style 0 - 6
Week 6 (Division 6L) timed out. Reborn Epoch Style 6 - 0
Week 4 (Division 6L) Lethal-Zone Insomnia Epoch Style 0 - 6
Week 3 (Division 6L) Team Two. Epoch Style 5 - 1
Week 5 (Division 6L) Epoch Style orKs.eSports 3 - 3
Week 2 (Division 6L) T-A: 6lives Epoch Style 0 - 6
Week 1 (Division 6L) Aceton´s Elite Epoch Style 2 - 4


Date DL POV Competition Round Team 1 Team 2
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