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Reversed Maps Cup

Now that a serious cup is out of the way, let’s bring some more fun back by playing some of the more commonly known maps in this game… reversed! Cp_yranarg, cp_sdnaldab, and cp_tiplevarg – no prizes for guessing what maps they are based on.

This cup will be played on Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th of August with an unseeded round robin stage followed by a single elimination knockout stage. Both 6v6 and Fun teams may signup. Signups will close on Friday 11th, 21:00 CEST.

Group Stage – Saturday 12th

Group round 1: 19:00 – cp_sdnaldab
Group round 2: 20:00 – cp_yranarg
Group round 3: 21:00 –  cp_tiplevarg

Knockout stage – Sunday 13th

Round 1: 18:00
Round 2: 19:00
Quarter Finals: 19:50
Semi Finals: 20:40
Grand Finals: 21:30

During the group stage draws are allowed on cp_yranarg and cp_sdnaldab, cp_tiplevarg is to be played as a BO2. During the knockout stage, golden caps are to be played on cp_yranarg and cp_sdnaldab, cp_tiplevarg is to be BO1. The playoffs will be bo1 with each team getting one ban.

Remember that cp_tiplevarg is to be played on stopwatch config (etf2l_6v6_stopwatch.cfg)