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Israel p0Le

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I'm kinda back in business after I didn't play like a half month in a clan.
Looking for a stable and potential div 2\1 clan for SE10 on ETF2L, and I don't care about taking a backup spot.

For more information contact me via steam:

Bye :)

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Left Foreskings [6on6] JackyLegs
Joined Foreskings [6on6] JackyLegs
Left ahvaT hA neshariM [6on6] p0Le
Left Israel [National Highlander Team] BraveHeart
Joined ahvaT hA neshariM [6on6] Retsh0ck
Left TERRORISTS [6on6] p0Le
Left iveR [6on6] p0Le
Left Israel [National 6v6 Team] BaR
Joined Israel [National Highlander Team] p0Le
Left Israel [National Highlander Team] SorroW
Joined iveR [6on6] p0Le
Left AUTOBOTS [6on6] p0Le
Left random jews [Highlander] p0Le
Joined AUTOBOTS [6on6] p0Le
Left iveR [6on6] p0Le
Joined iveR [6on6] p0Le
Joined Repush [2on2] p0Le
Left Jews Powaa [2on2] p0Le
Left no name atm [6on6] p0Le
Joined no name atm [6on6] p0Le
Left zeppelin boys [6on6] p0Le
Joined zeppelin boys [6on6] p0Le
Left Team Infused [6on6] Retsh0ck
Joined Israel [National 6v6 Team] p0Le
Joined Team Infused [6on6] p0Le
Left Damage Control [6on6] p0Le
Joined Israel [National Highlander Team] p0Le
Joined HmtraHreH`s [Fun Team] Tarkus
Left ReveraL's six [Fun Team] ReveraL
Joined ReveraL's six [Fun Team] ReveraL
Joined Damage Control [6on6] Jakle
Joined random jews [Highlander] Tarkus
Joined Jews Powaa [2on2] p0Le
Left Interrobang [6on6] p0Le
Joined Interrobang [6on6] Phill Gibbs
Left malka [6on6] p0Le
Joined malka [6on6] barEEE
Left qTp-Gaming [6on6] p0Le
Joined qTp-Gaming [6on6] Bena
Left I have no idea [6on6] Koala
Joined I have no idea [6on6] Supreme
Left STRIP [6on6] op
Joined STRIP [6on6] op
Left beethoven [6on6] p0Le
Joined beethoven [6on6] barEEE
Left STRIP [6on6] op
Joined STRIP [6on6] Septique
Left Team Beer [6on6] Koala
Joined Team Beer [6on6] Koala
Left Catalyst [6on6] p0Le
Joined Catalyst [6on6] Koala
Left Cool Guys [Highlander] p0Le
Left No Mercy [6on6] p0Le
Joined Cool Guys [Highlander] MartiNi
Joined No Mercy [6on6] MartiNi
Left HmtrHreH`s [Fun Team] Retsh0ck
Joined HmtrHreH`s [Fun Team] Retsh0ck
Left Killer Instinct Clan [6on6] p0Le
Joined Killer Instinct Clan [6on6] sKaz

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  1. TBE pez: ; said:

    may 3div bro
    try to use brain :*

  2. howdeh: Perilous - WUL said:

    Amazing, you went from division 3 whatever class you were back then, followed by a break and you come back as a division 1 medic… Excellent.

  3. p0le said:

    The old post was 190 days ago. 190 days ago I was searching for a DIV 2 clan. From that moment till now I WAS PLAYING tf2, in the level of top div 2, div 1, and maybe more.
    It’s not like I was low div 3 and then I got back here after half year and now, somehow, I’m a DIV 1 medic, sorry if you got me wrong. I was always playing this level as a medic.

  4. Agent 0: ? - fgt said:

    Smart player, good medic. GL!

  5. daniel: aHn said:

    sorry bro not div1 at all, maybe div3\4.

    good luck

  6. Dozik: Doj - Doj. said:

    Realy great medic with excellent gamesense.
    Can handle div 1, GL bro ;)

  7. meph: inc co. said:

    Experienced player, nice guy. Fits division 1 perfectly.


  8. exeL: iveR - Doj. said:

    Great guy and awesome medic, probably the 2nd best medic in israel after royze ofc. (techtron is in the army so… :P)

  9. exeL: iveR - Doj. said:

    Great guy and awesome medic, probably the 2nd best medic in israel after royze ofc. (techtron is in the army so… :P)
    good luck in finding a team! :)

  10. p0Le said:

    thank you guys :)

  11. baribur: aHn - 2strong said:

    Awsome medic!
    Skilled and friendly! div 2~1 for sure.

  12. DominiX: sP. said:

    Does it only seems to be div5/6 players say “he fits perfectly in div1” and the actuall skill level players say he does not? Or is it just me being dumb and not understanding the jewish skill system?

    Not doubting your skills, as I haven’t played neither with or against you, and I haven’t been on that level, so I can’t tell if you’d fit anyway. But GL.

  13. konr said:

    inb4 Retsh0ck