Scout  Div 4 Skill, 6on6

Scotland Gozo

Posted: 1087 days ago | Last Online: 167 days ago

Hi there,
I am 16 from Scotland and I am on the look for a team.

On paper, I don't seem like a good candidate because I have only played for one team in div 6. But it doesn't show how much of a try hard I have been since I started playing this game competitivly in April. I have been playing all the time, and I feel as if I can play in a div 4 team.
About me.
I am very active
I am always improving, and willing to improve
Constant calling

About you.
A nice bunch of people
Ambition to go higher
Non-ragers ( the odd rage is funny though)

Thanks for reading, contact me for more info etc :)

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Joined SOLAR #MaybeInTheNextLife [6on6] vani 213 days ago
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  1. Leety: said:

    Real awesome guy, div 4 for sure. He has real good aim and gamesense. Underrates himself for playing in a div 6 team when he should have been in div 4. Funny guy to just hang out with and play other games. This guy deserves a good team o pick him up before someone else does.

  2. Yukino: said:

    good scout, played in team with him and some mix, always carry the team :P

  3. Twister: said:

    He is an absolutely phenomenal scout. He knows exactly how to play the class and can get picks that are very beneficial to the outcome of the match. He is also a great laugh and general a cool guy to chill with. Any div 4 team not willing to pick him up is really missing out on a great opportunity to get a great player on their team

    GL mate

  4. Helmsy: said:

    Having played a few mixes with him, and having had him sub scout for my team i’ll be first to say he’s very reliable, has good aim, gamesense and brilliant communication. I’ll backup what DUCK mentioned about him underrating himself aswell (but we’ve got all gotta start somewhere right?).
    Apart from that, goodluck Gozo!

  5. Pirateer: said:

    Played matches with him and he was an excellent player during all of them. Absolute legend outside of match, very good in matches. Pick him up, he has a lot of potential. His old team died when this guy left, that’s how good he is.

  6. Wriggs: said:

    Played a mix with him he deffo has good dm, gamesense needs a bit of work can manage div 5 and maybe div 4.

  7. Gozo: SOLAR - One punch man said:


  8. Hildreth: 8-) - 8-) said:

    Very talented scout, needs a team to give him a chance cos his all round play is very solid, too good for Division 5/6.