ScoutSoldier  Low/Open Skill, 6on6

Russia Xidy

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soldier roamer open/ scout low

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Team History

Action Team By Date
Joined Shadow DeFenders [6on6] VIRE
Left Pyku BBepx [6on6] Xidy
Joined Veritas Vincit [Highlander Open #3] Руб
Joined KyMblC_nATPyJlb [Highlander] AlesKee
Left УГАРНЫЕ КАБАНЫ [Highlander] Xidy
Joined Pyku BBepx [6on6] Xidy
Left Slow Progress [6on6] Xidy
Joined УГАРНЫЕ КАБАНЫ [Highlander] AMPY
Left BGT [Highlander] Xidy
Joined Slow Progress [6on6] Sykens
Left INCOMPLETE [6on6] Xidy
Joined INCOMPLETE [6on6] d7de
Left xtal [6on6] Xidy
Joined xtal [6on6] Dragunof
Left Kazakh e-Sports powered by [6on6] Xidy
Joined Kazakh e-Sports powered by [6on6] kusakka
Left Neko Team [6on6] Xidy
Joined Neko Team [6on6] derzkiy vorobey
Left KGB [6on6] Xidy
Joined KGB [6on6] Dash
Left Tribute for Dragon [6on6] Xidy
Joined Tribute for Dragon [6on6] Cap Fordo
Left Fire foxes [6on6] Xidy
Joined Neko? [1on1] Xidy
Joined Fire foxes [6on6] Xidy
Left Pacanbl CO DBOPA [Fun Team] Xidy
Left 1nstantReaction [6on6] Xidy
Joined Pacanbl CO DBOPA [Fun Team] frenzik
Joined 1nstantReaction [6on6] StariyHer
Left Neko Team [6on6] Xidy
Joined BGT [Highlander] Cap Fordo
Left Mediocre Mercs [Highlander] Xidy
Joined Mediocre Mercs [Highlander] FrostyHoneyJuice
Left Lя_Kostia [Highlander] Xidy
Joined Lя_Kostia [Highlander] poot
Left KyMblC_nATPyJlb [Highlander] Dinosauer
Joined KyMblC_nATPyJlb [Highlander] derzkiy vorobey
Left Pomoika [Highlander] dis-patch
Joined Pomoika [Highlander] dis-patch
Left BABINSKIY TEAM [Highlander] Xidy
Joined BABINSKIY TEAM [Highlander] Toten17
Left KyMblC_nATPyJlb [Highlander] Xidy
Joined KyMblC_nATPyJlb [Highlander] derzkiy vorobey
Left EVREY$$ [Highlander] Xidy
Joined EVREY$$ [Highlander] dima
Left KyMblC_nATPyJlb [Highlander] Xidy
Joined Neko Team [6on6] Xidy
Joined KyMblC_nATPyJlb [Highlander] Xidy

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View High/Mid 0 4
View Low/Open 1 147
View Low/Open 2 203
View Open 0 91


  1. AMPY: Ky_nA said:

    good pick for any low or open team

  2. AMPY: Ky_nA said:


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