Soldier  High/Mid Skill, 6on6

Finland Jepz

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Vocal pocket soldier for division 3/2 next season with good availability

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Team History

Action Team By Date
Joined Real Garda Panteri [6on6] milkyeu
Left xTp [6on6] Konna
Joined xTp [6on6] Konna
Left tbd [6on6] Jepz
Joined tbd [6on6] triga
Left SMEGGIES [6on6] Jepz
Left /// [6on6] Jepz
Joined /// [6on6] Treaty
Left /// [6on6] Jepz
Joined /// [6on6] Menty
Left VIOLENCE [6on6] Detoed.
Joined VIOLENCE [6on6] Tercio
Left /// [6on6] Jepz
Left Labra [Highlander] Jepz
Joined Labra [Highlander] eLs
Joined /// [6on6] Zitrooone
Left The Empire [6on6] NURWHAL
Joined The Empire [6on6] NURWHAL
Left FEAR g0r3 Clan [6on6] Jepz
Joined FEAR g0r3 Clan [6on6] eLs
Left /// [6on6] Jepz
Joined /// [6on6] Celestia
Left hard-_-bass [LAN Team] Jepz
Left /// [6on6] Jepz
Joined hard-_-bass [LAN Team] skete
Joined /// [6on6] Treaty
Left MORKO [6on6] Jepz
Joined MORKO [6on6] skete
Left monkaX [6on6] Jepz
Joined monkaX [6on6] Perlex
Left we are bigfoot [6on6] Jepz
Joined we are bigfoot [6on6] catbowcar
Left mad decent [6on6] Jepz
Joined mad decent [6on6] wand00m
Left /// [6on6] Jepz
Joined /// [6on6] eLs
Left /// [6on6] Jepz
Joined /// [6on6] Luikuri
Left Toto - Africa [2on2] Jepz
Left mad decent [6on6] Jepz
Joined Toto - Africa [2on2] Spirit
Joined mad decent [6on6] Menty
Left impakt [6on6] Jepz
Joined impakt [6on6] wgl
Left /// [6on6] Jepz
Joined /// [6on6] Jepz
Left Team Cutted [6on6] Jepz
Joined Team Cutted [6on6] Luikuri
Left Kraken Klan [6on6] Jepz
Joined Kraken Klan [6on6] tuja
Left mad decent [6on6] Jepz
Joined mad decent [6on6] earl
Left xTp [6on6] Jepz
Joined xTp [6on6] Konna
Left here come dat boi [Fun Team] Jepz
Left nunya [6on6] Connor
Joined nunya [6on6] earl
Left Deox fan club [6on6] Jepz
Joined Deox fan club [6on6] celvn
Left Deox fan club [6on6] cherryrendezvous
Left [Highlander] Jepz
Joined here come dat boi [Fun Team] celvn
Joined Deox fan club [6on6] celvn
Left Good players only [6on6] Jepz
Joined Good players only [6on6] Burken
Left G-SHOCK [6on6] Jepz
Joined [Highlander] ALX1
Joined G-SHOCK [6on6] sintyre
Left mad decent [6on6] Jepz
Joined mad decent [6on6] earl
Left The TurboTabs Fan Club [6on6] Jepz
Joined The TurboTabs Fan Club [6on6] TheMeerCat
Left mad decent [6on6] Jepz
Joined mad decent [6on6] earl
Left foundry hype [6on6] Jepz
Joined foundry hype [6on6] Jepz
Left Jepz [1on1] Jepz
Left Metsaveljet [LAN Team] Jepz
Left mad decent [6on6] Jepz
Joined mad decent [6on6] earl
Left mad decent [6on6] Jepz
Joined Metsaveljet [LAN Team] Jepz
Left Salty Gamers [Highlander] Jepz
Joined Salty Gamers [Highlander] olav
Joined mad decent [6on6] bohoc
Left Buying skill for $10 [6on6] Jepz
Joined Buying skill for $10 [6on6] Lukee
Left Skybox Is The Limit. [6on6] Jepz
Joined Skybox Is The Limit. [6on6] Jepz
Left Jujuwar [6on6] Jepz
Joined Jepz [1on1] Jepz
Joined Jujuwar [6on6] Mr White Star
Left Copy & Pasteh [6on6] Jepz
Joined Copy & Pasteh [6on6] Sblitcher
Left Northern Gangbangers [6on6] Jepz
Joined Northern Gangbangers [6on6] Jepz

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  1. Luikuri: 1500 said:

    jepz tank

  2. alv: GM - █ FIN █ said:

    jep ztank

  3. Spanns: nono word - op_sqd said:

    je pztank

  4. kitty: 800dpm - Tissi said:

    big fragger