Medic  Low/Open Skill, Highlander

Denmark Wynran

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hmmm. i honestly dont know what hl div i am but like i played some 6s i guess
very motivated to play highlander and learn!

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Joined Forced Fursonization [6on6] Wylen
Left We Eat Snack [6on6] Wynran
Left baby gaeta [Highlander Open #3] hondjo
Joined baby gaeta [Highlander Open #3] hondjo
Joined HYGGELANDER [Highlander] smile
Left the SPY!!!!1! [Highlander] Wynran
Joined We Eat Snack [6on6] Mona
Left smiling [6on6] Wynran
Joined smiling [6on6] Ryan
Left SICK LAUGHTER [6on6] Wynran
Joined SICK LAUGHTER [6on6] zherii
Left Dogtf2l [6on6] Wynran
Left girls [2on2] Wynran
Joined the SPY!!!!1! [Highlander] James
Joined Dogtf2l [6on6] nutshiny
Left Planet Express: Real [6on6] Wynran
Joined Switzermark [National 6v6 Team] HartzFartz
Left mge me in parking lot [1on1] Wynran
Left Brexit [LAN Team] Wynran
Left vιdeoɢαмιɴɢ [Fun Team] Wynran
Joined girls [2on2] Wynran
Joined Planet Express: Real [6on6] st0rm
Left haunter is a nonce [6on6] Wynran
Left Don't Let My Sentry Die In Vain [Highlander] White
Joined mge me in parking lot [1on1] Wynran
Joined Don't Let My Sentry Die In Vain [Highlander] White
Joined vιdeoɢαмιɴɢ [Fun Team] cripplewagen
Left yeet [Highlander] Wynran
Joined yeet [Highlander] Wynran
Joined haunter is a nonce [6on6] Cyanic
Left Yakuza Sponsored by Burger King [6on6] Josh
Left Chromosome Crew [Highlander] Wynran
Joined Yakuza Sponsored by Burger King [6on6] Josh
Left task's force 141 [6on6] Crayon
Joined task's force 141 [6on6] mak
Left Team Nein! Reborn [6on6] Wynran
Joined Team Nein! Reborn [6on6] MARS^
Left Gamemode 1 [6on6] Wynran
Joined Chromosome Crew [Highlander] Royal Flush
Left Offensive Behaviour [Highlander] VNGE
Joined Brexit [LAN Team] james
Joined Gamemode 1 [6on6] cripplewagen
Joined Offensive Behaviour [Highlander] VNGE
Left Stoned To Death [Highlander] Wynran
Left Six Paths of Open [6on6] Wynran
Joined Six Paths of Open [6on6] Jerryy_
Left Seven Elven Esports [6on6] Wynran
Joined Seven Elven Esports [6on6] Wynran
Joined Stoned To Death [Highlander] SwaggeR_
Left AgressioN [6on6] Wynran
Joined AgressioN [6on6] NotSoGentle
Left Buenzli's of TF2 [6on6] Wynran
Joined Buenzli's of TF2 [6on6] Wynran
Left Destroyded_Clan [6on6] Wynran
Joined Destroyded_Clan [6on6] DenisRisov
Left Heavy Republic [Highlander] Wynran
Left Poland-Lithuania (National 6v6 Team) [Fun Team] Wynran
Joined Poland-Lithuania (National 6v6 Team) [Fun Team] Barthiz
Joined Heavy Republic [Highlander] Zylon

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  1. Barthiz: 177013 - inv said:

    give him a team, he’s a good boye

  2. Mankind: UO - pizza said:


  3. S+ said:

    keen now? very good for open hl

  4. marcel said:

    lmfao toxic retard played open with him before

  5. AxioMr: Sborr - gaaaaaaang said: