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Russia uuu

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У меня 1900 на мге, берите меня – не пожалеете (лохам просьба не писать)

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Action Team By Date
Left carbonara pizza [6on6] uuu
Joined carbonara pizza [6on6] Silvermaster
Left уротцы eSports [6on6] uuu
Joined уротцы eSports [6on6] oxyox
Left NoPahan [6on6] uuu
Joined NoPahan [6on6] slowtown
Left [DEAD-VIBRATIONS] [6on6] uuu
Joined [DEAD-VIBRATIONS] [6on6] Pahan
Left уротцы eSports [6on6] uuu
Joined уротцы eSports [6on6] uuu
Left Aspiration [6on6] uuu
Joined AWE [1on1] uuu
Joined Aspiration [6on6] GHard
Left Dead Squad [6on6] uuu
Joined Dead Squad [6on6] uuu
Left Tokio Hotel [6on6] oxyox
Joined Tokio Hotel [6on6] Avogadro
Left Tokio Hotel [6on6] uuu
Joined Tokio Hotel [6on6] Avogadro
Left 666 [6on6] uuu
Joined 666 [6on6] uuu
Left Tokio Hotel [6on6] uuu
Joined Tokio Hotel [6on6] Avogadro
Left meme masters [6on6] uuu
Left -big bang- [Highlander] uuu
Joined meme masters [6on6] skippe
Left 387 [6on6] uuu
Joined 387 [6on6] Cholera
Left immaculate [6on6] uuu
Joined immaculate [6on6] uuu
Left Immaculate [6on6] uuu
Joined Immaculate [6on6] uuu
Joined -big bang- [Highlander] Avogadro
Left Critoveds [Highlander] uuu
Left Meme Boys [6on6] uuu
Joined Meme Boys [6on6] korudr3n
Left Alco-sXe [Fun Team] uuu
Joined Alco-sXe [Fun Team] skye ✡ skarli
Left Sp1re K1ngs [6on6] uuu
Joined Sp1re K1ngs [6on6] Kryone
Joined Critoveds [Highlander] uuu
Left FSALBOYS [6on6] uuu
Joined FSALBOYS [6on6] uuu

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  1. Cherry: Snack - Snack said:

    Fucking beast
    Animal eater

  2. uuu said:

    True, I’m eating animal and clowns

  3. Avogadro: урот - -bb- said:

    Omg this guy ate himself

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