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Denmark Phong_

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lft cph games 2020

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Team History

Action Team By Date
Joined selected. [6on6] lyte
Left DEADlands Chugs [6on6] Phong_
Joined DEADlands Chugs [6on6] auto
Left haunter is a nonce [6on6] Phong_
Left Sora Elantro [LAN Team] Phong_
Joined haunter is a nonce [6on6] Cyanic
Joined Sora Elantro [LAN Team] domiq
Left rodgrod med flode [LAN Team] Phong_
Left cringe tunnel tactics [6on6] Phong_
Joined cringe tunnel tactics [6on6] smile
Left Opposing Force [6on6] Amaterasu
Joined Opposing Force [6on6] Amaterasu
Left The Shaggers Club [6on6] Phong_
Joined The Shaggers Club [6on6] Stylax
Left The Jens Weber Society [6on6] Phong_
Joined The Jens Weber Society [6on6] Blanc
Left Sora Elektwo [6on6] Phong_
Joined Sora Elektwo [6on6] Sivik
Joined rodgrod med flode [LAN Team] Wylen
Left Vague [6on6] Phong_
Joined Vague [6on6] Pb
Left Lucky Lukes [6on6] Blanc
Left The Alligators [Highlander] Phong_
Joined Lucky Lukes [6on6] Blanc
Joined De Danske [Fun Team] Blanc
Left verbfusion [6on6] Phong_
Joined The Alligators [Highlander] Cyanic
Joined verbfusion [6on6] Lokko
Left Sora Elektro [6on6] Phong_
Joined Sora Elektro [6on6] Wylen
Left vodka every death [LAN Team] Phong_
Left The Small Council [6on6] Phong_
Left Kakashi is our religion [Highlander] Phong_
Joined The Small Council [6on6] RTC
Left Sora Elektro [6on6] Phong_
Joined Kakashi is our religion [Highlander] akachu
Left sticky fingers [Highlander] Phong_
Joined vodka every death [LAN Team] akachu
Joined Sora Elektro [6on6] nasko7
Joined sticky fingers [Highlander] originalas
Left Laurlacis Gaming [6on6] Bycoon
Joined Laurlacis Gaming [6on6] Bycoon

Previous Recruitment Posts

View Skill Classes Views Added
View High 0 94
View High/Mid 14 431
View High/Mid 10 400
View High/Mid 8 482
View High/Mid 6 299
View High/Mid 10 415
View Mid 10 312
View Mid 1 161
View Mid 3 172
View Mid 12 542
View Mid/Low 4 295
View Mid 11 451
View Mid/Open 9 410
View Mid/Open 0 156
View Mid/Open 3 302
View Mid/Open 2 161
View Mid/Open 2 238

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  1. HerpTim: NAVI - turks said:

    he doesn’t miss on scout

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