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Finland TK_

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I might have a team, but in case it dies
– Has been getting more into scout and really keen ( flank > pocket )
– Also now used to my new sens and having raw input on 8)
– idc which soldier role ( top mid ideally )

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Team History

Action Team By Date
Left gakuen [6on6] TK_
Joined gakuen [6on6] daga
Left The Ch3-3se Police [6on6] TK_
Joined The Ch3-3se Police [6on6] TK_
Left Spacer Hamsters [6on6] Basti
Joined MONKEY MODE [Highlander] AustinN
Left Valhalla [Highlander] TK_
Joined Spacer Hamsters [6on6] Tamir
Left Nutty Dinopark [Fun Team] TK_
Joined Nutty Dinopark [Fun Team] CoppyZ
Left FromOpenWithLove [Fun Team] TK_
Left 4TheLogs [6on6] TK_
Joined 4TheLogs [6on6] TK_
Left Spacer Hamsters [6on6] TK_
Joined FromOpenWithLove [Fun Team] TK_
Joined Spacer Hamsters [6on6] Basti
Joined Valhalla [Highlander] shinso
Left Massive Legends Here [Highlander] TK_
Left The Ruins of a Nation! [6on6] TK_
Joined Massive Legends Here [Highlander] Josh
Joined The Ruins of a Nation! [6on6] CoppyZ
Left Leviathan [6on6] TK_
Joined Leviathan [6on6] D3rKeiZ
Left Bioneer [6on6] TK_
Left Blackjack and Hookers [Highlander] TK_
Joined Bioneer [6on6] Metso
Joined 4TheLogs! [2on2] TK_
Joined Blackjack and Hookers [Highlander] SharkBoy_
Left No game No life [Highlander] TK_
Joined No game No life [Highlander] matej
Left Team SniperScout [Highlander] TK_
Joined Team SniperScout [Highlander] Sodium
Left Team SniperScout [Highlander] Hoxtilicious
Left 2Good2Win2Dumb2QUIT [6on6] TK_
Joined 2Good2Win2Dumb2QUIT [6on6] TK_
Joined Team SniperScout [Highlander] stalky
Left Just simply "Sluts" and TK [6on6] TK_
Joined -TK_ [1on1] TK_
Left No game No life [Highlander] TK_
Joined Just simply "Sluts" and TK [6on6] TK_
Joined No game No life [Highlander] matej
Left Gamers Against Weed [Highlander] TK_
Left The Wobble Factor [6on6] TK_
Joined Gamers Against Weed [Highlander] TaintedLion
Left LUL Who even plays HL [Highlander] TK_
Joined LUL Who even plays HL [Highlander] Gorr
Joined The Wobble Factor [6on6] DP2K

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  1. viking: ^ - CHIMP said:

    ooga booga

  2. AMP-T: KoH - CHIMP JR said:

    tk = gay but good guy and good player

  3. TK_: CHIMP said:

    Ppl calling my soldier shotgun gay smh

  4. ajR: mwa - mwahl said:

    BEAST, also mother of all apes

  5. Pretzel said:

    One of the few people I genuinely liked on my team when I was playing with him.

    Solid lad, very consistent, and def. top mid.

    pretty gay tho

  6. TK_: CHIMP said:

    I blame J_ for this awful meme

  7. Basti: SPACE - ᴏғᴏ said:

    ur gay

  8. jimmij: SPACE said:

    still has a gay iq

  9. shinso: ASS - hlpugs said:


  10. trum: CHUGS - LFC said:

    really good

  11. unk1nd.: ZENGURT - OY VEY said:

    great solly, deserves a top mid spot!

  12. kim: THICC said:

    he knows all the jungles can jump high and fast, let him be free not in a zoo

  13. Ryan: smiling said:

    tk you have gay

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