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Hungary daga

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I've been working on fixing my attitude regarding videogames, I'd love to play with a keen and vocal team in season 19 in div1.
I'm really keen, can play most days
To anyone who heard rumors about me or saw me being really toxic i'd just like to say give me another chance, a trial, i'm really trying to fix my flaws in order to become a better player.

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Team History

Action Team By Date
Joined HUNGARIKUM [6on6] tuja
Left gakuen [6on6] daga
Left laszti az arcba irany a harcba [2on2] daga
Joined laszti az arcba irany a harcba [2on2] daga
Joined Ugandan Pizza Police [Highlander] redwood
Left @sian [Highlander] daga
Joined @sian [Highlander] daga
Joined Hungary [National Highlander Team] Reoccurring
Joined gakuen [6on6] smile
Left riddim [6on6] daga
Joined riddim [6on6] daga
Left HUNGARIKUM [6on6] Tercio
Left kofola JR [Fun Team] daga
Joined HUNGARIKUM [6on6] tuja
Left Valhalla [Highlander] daga
Left weed [1on1] daga
Left emelt tori [2on2] daga
Left Cerberus [6on6] daga
Joined kofola JR [Fun Team] daga
Left kofola master race [Fun Team] daga
Joined Cerberus [6on6] Swallow
Left tiesje121 fanclub [6on6] daga
Joined tiesje121 fanclub [6on6] coyo
Left Anime Is Bad eSports [6on6] daga
Joined Valhalla [Highlander] viking
Left Highlander [Highlander] daga
Joined Highlander [Highlander] daga
Left STiNGHAN & TERCIO SCHOOL [Highlander] daga
Joined Anime Is Bad eSports [6on6] quicAAA
Left Russian Brain Advantage [6on6] daga
Joined Russian Brain Advantage [6on6] Silvermaster
Left Chaos Theory [6on6] unk1nd.
Joined kofola master race [Fun Team] Neon
Left newbie [Fun Team] daga
Joined Chaos Theory [6on6] unk1nd.
Left Cerberus [6on6] daga
Joined newbie [Fun Team] daga
Left motoros gang [Fun Team] daga
Joined Cerberus [6on6] Jancsik
Left Amigor? [6on6] daga
Joined STiNGHAN & TERCIO SCHOOL [Highlander] Bajer
Joined motoros gang [Fun Team] daga
Left HypeTrain [Highlander] daga
Joined HypeTrain [Highlander] daga
Left The Worst Awesome Team [Highlander] daga
Joined The Worst Awesome Team [Highlander] QWERT
Joined weed [1on1] daga
Joined Amigor? [6on6] AlmasKifli
Left Pancs3r tim [1on1] daga
Left Luck always beats Skill [Highlander] daga
Left waterboyz [6on6] daga
Left Double Quantum [Fun Team] daga
Joined Luck always beats Skill [Highlander] Baton793
Left send nudes to cowboys [Highlander] daga
Joined waterboyz [6on6] barna
Left oreo lickers [6on6] daga
Joined Double Quantum [Fun Team] ar7
Joined oreo lickers [6on6] daga
Joined send nudes to cowboys [Highlander] barna
Left JinJang [Highlander] daga
Left Cubic Meter [6on6] invis
Joined Cubic Meter [6on6] Reoccurring
Left Cubic Meter [6on6] daga
Left TIMEONE [Fun Team] daga
Joined JinJang [Highlander] Hoolygan5
Joined TIMEONE [Fun Team] daga
Left up and coming [Fun Team] daga
Joined emelt tori [2on2] daga
Left Table Union [Highlander] daga
Joined Table Union [Highlander] MR.Awesome
Left Loyality & Royality [Highlander] daga
Joined Pancs3r tim [1on1] daga
Joined Cubic Meter [6on6] daga
Joined Loyality & Royality [Highlander] daga
Joined up and coming [Fun Team] csiga
Left HypeTrain [6on6] daga
Left ||One Shot [Highlander] daga
Joined HypeTrain [6on6] daga
Joined ||One Shot [Highlander] Dreddy

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  1. csiga: HUN - TBC said:

    ive never seen him being toxic in the right enviroment, also hes keen af and improving faster than anyone else
    god among the men, let him play d2

  2. clean carp: 6 - DLMSDIV said:

    more toxic than a Fukushima spillover

  3. Spectat0r: officer - SENS*RED said:


  4. kcr: ^ - Commiefun said:


  5. Neon: HUN - -SA- said:

  6. unk1nd.: ZENGURT - OY VEY said:

    from my experiences with daga he hasn’t been toxic and hes a great demo with lots of potential

  7. nubbi: Compound - LFC said:

    He used to be toxic, but he is actually trying to change on his attitude right now.

  8. daga: HUN - pizza said:


  9. Hampe: CBT - Wow, swag said:

  10. daga: HUN - pizza said:


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