Medic  High/Mid Skill, Highlander

Poland Xara

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Looking for some mid/high team as medic hit me up on steam if ur interested.
Available almost all days after 19.

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Team History

Action Team By Date
Left 3'da guys [Highlander] unk1nd.
Joined 3'da guys [Highlander] unk1nd.
Joined fortnite funny moments vol. 541 [6on6] Barthiz
Joined THE STREET STUDENTS [6on6] erpe
Left We are Finnish [Highlander] Xara
Left HL MAINS XD [6on6] Xara
Joined We are Finnish [Highlander] supra
Joined HL MAINS XD [6on6] Ciabatta
Left Multipla Legacy [Highlander] Ciabatta
Left HL MAINS XD [6on6] Ciabatta
Joined dupa13 [Fun Team] masuj
Left Multipla Fans LEGENDS! [Fun Team] Xara
Joined HL MAINS XD [6on6] Ciabatta
Left MLYN TEAM [6on6] Xara
Joined Multipla Legacy [Highlander] Tenebreos
Left How do I apply to a tier? [Highlander] Firein
Joined How do I apply to a tier? [Highlander] Firein
Joined Multipla Fans LEGENDS! [Fun Team] Bayor
Joined MLYN TEAM [6on6] Houston
Left Wielcy BOHejterzy [6on6] Xara
Left Name of the team [Highlander] antso the helper
Joined Wielcy BOHejterzy [6on6] Kretes
Left Imponderabilia [6on6] Xara
Joined Name of the team [Highlander] antso the helper
Left Multipla Fans [rip] [Highlander] Xara
Joined Imponderabilia [6on6] Qbus
Joined Multipla Fans [rip] [Highlander] Houston
Left Goon Patchers [Highlander] Xara
Joined Goon Patchers [Highlander] pancila
Left Noble Mercenaries [Highlander] Xara
Joined Noble Mercenaries [Highlander] ORTEGA
Left Drop it, don't pop it [6on6] Xara
Left WHEREISLEILA? [Highlander] Xara
Joined Drop it, don't pop it [6on6] Leila
Joined WHEREISLEILA? [Highlander] globe

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  1. unk1nd.: ZENGURT - OY VEY said:

    a great medic that deserves a great team

  2. Polarium: ASS - TBC said:

    what my nigga havok said

  3. Poisonous VenoM: funny - CSPB said:

    Pretty nice medic. Love to play with her :D Calm and focus. Give her chance !

  4. neqo said:

    Very good medic, big potencial :^)

  5. dempsey: COGU said:

    easily best med in poland

  6. Oli: CPT said:

    Best medic EU, deserved to play in prem!

  7. supra: █▀█ █▄█▀█▀ said:

    ugly 15yo boi
    also very cool medic

  8. Un4given: CPT said:

    Very high skilled medic :)

  9. taksi28: CPT said:

    great medic

  10. M_J_C said:

    Awesome medic. Knows what to do. Gives great healing arrows. Pick this medic as fast as you can :D

  11. LLH Hater: CPT said:

    Awesome med gamer and lovely person ❤

  12. Barthiz: funny - :| said:

    great medic, would pick up asap!

  13. Medic the Reindeer: CPT said:

    Good coach, good Med. No more comment needed.

  14. MaloSolny: CPT said:

    She is one of best medics i know

  15. Xara: funny said:


  16. kukowo said:

    the best med main how i ever seen :P

  17. tom: KRUL said:

    great medic, she never dropped uber in her history

  18. grubsoon: ULTRA FAT said:

    she doesn’t know what drop means

  19. Xogos: █▀█ █▄█▀█▀ said:

    She gave me black box rep + good trade

  20. ReDz14k: ULTRA FAT said:

    best medic, she never drops <3

  21. RIP { * } said:


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