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England Included_Middle

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Div 1 or div 2 main depending on class.

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Team History

Action Team By Date
Left WHEREISLEILA? [Highlander] Leila
Joined MexFactor [6on6] Turnip
Left Team Colonslash: Beyblade JR [6on6] Included_Middle
Joined WHEREISLEILA? [Highlander] Turnip
Left Lucrosa [Highlander] Included_Middle
Joined Lucrosa [Highlander] Cronk
Left WHEREISLEILA? [Highlander] Included_Middle
Joined Team Colonslash: Beyblade JR [6on6] proky
Left MexFactor [6on6] Included_Middle
Joined WHEREISLEILA? [Highlander] Leila
Left Team Colonslash: Frosties [Highlander] Included_Middle
Joined Team Colonslash: Cheerios [Fun Team] Included_Middle
Joined MexFactor [6on6] Turnip
Left freshavacado [6on6] Included_Middle
Joined freshavacado [6on6] proky
Left Aztec-Globals [6on6] Included_Middle
Left SS. Disaster [Fun Team] Included_Middle
Left Seriously? No... [LAN Team] MoistPenguin
Joined SS. Disaster [Fun Team] Included_Middle
Joined Seriously? No... [LAN Team] MoistPenguin
Joined Aztec-Globals [6on6] MoistPenguin
Left Rock, paper, seizures [6on6] Included_Middle
Joined Rock, paper, seizures [6on6] luvi
Left Epsilon WiiSports [6on6] Included_Middle
Joined Team Colonslash: Frosties [Highlander] Coolbeans
Left Prefix [Highlander] Included_Middle
Joined Maltyduo [2on2] Widd3rshins
Joined Epsilon WiiSports [6on6] TeaKay
Left Suffix [6on6] Included_Middle
Joined Suffix [6on6] kusoban
Joined Prefix [Highlander] kusoban

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View High/Mid 15 709
View Prem/High 15 610
View Mid 9 433
View Open/Mid 11 585
View Mid 17 558


  1. Fire: BCBB - WCS said:


  2. Fire: BCBB - WCS said:

    highlander all class star

  3. magistr: funny said:

    multiclass god

  4. 20grams: Godz - $$$ said:


  5. Lanzer: ⎝⎠ ⧹⧸⧹⧸ ⎝⎠ said:

    [T]oxic [C]unt included_middle

  6. STiNGHAN: :| said:

    I can cut chooper for u

  7. proky: KNOPPER - SDCK said:

    better than your current player on every class

  8. Kosuke: PLAKET - Lucrosa said:

    lucrosa is calling you

  9. Adje: ASS - Lucrosa said:

    best spy in the observable universe

  10. Sketis: $$$ said:

    massive tank

  11. nubbi: Compound - LFC said:

    go(o)d on every class

  12. Turnip: nufcZONE - $$$ said:

    [T]oxic [C]unt included_middle

  13. Leila: nufcZONE - $$$ said:

    Only if he wanted play prem :(((

  14. WAX: want it? said:


  15. MoistPenguin: TC said: ?????

  16. Buck824: BCBB - WCS said:

    Included_Middle: why is 8 afraid of 4? because 8 2 4

  17. samii: officer - WCS said:

    nice stick

  18. Cnoz: PLAKET - Lucrosa said:

    lucrosa is waiting for the return…

  19. shinso: ASS - hlpugs said:

    will topfrag as engie

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