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**S19 and pre-season cup**

henlo, looking for team with the above mentioned classes, any div works for me (not allowed to play open though), don't want to play more than 3 days a week, hmu

Class preference: heavy > pyro > engie > medic > spy

oh yeah and main only, otherwise I just stay with the cool kids from invision

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  1. shinso: ASS - hlpugs said:

    the most epic of gamers
    really good on all these classes and has a bigger brain than all players at this level tbh
    pick up

  2. magistr: funny said:

    quit devil class :(

  3. Adje: ASS - Lucrosa said:

    pootis pow :-D

  4. FTH: pizza said:

    A chad

  5. [☁]Emiel: 124 - THICC said:


  6. trum: CHUGS - LFC said:

    vacc god

  7. Nightmare said:


  8. Jaros: hlpugs said: